Physical activity is important, but it doesn’t come easily for everyone. Let’s look at three ways you can motivate yourself to exercise.

Motivation tips for your exercise goals.
Get motivated to use those exercise shoes!

Don’t Leave Motivation up to Chance

There’s a reason experts talk about developing an exercise routine. It takes regular practice to get things right and see results. Without motivation, however, building an exercise routine can be almost impossible.

The best way around this obstacle is to seek daily motivation from the outside. You can tell a few friends or family members about your goal and get them involved in the exercises or you can sign up for an online exercise program. These programs usually come with daily motivational reminders, which can work wonders for getting you moving. If you really want to challenge yourself, consider joining an online exercise group where other members would not only motivate you to exercise but also hold you accountable for reaching your goals.

Try Different Exercises

Sometimes what’s holding you back from being physically active is the type of exercise you’re doing. You can figure out if this is the case by asking yourself some pointed questions. Does this exercise feel like a chore? Am I worried about doing my exercise program? Does it hurt when I do this exercise? Do I feel better or worse after completing the routine? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions, then it’s time to explore your options. Maybe a type of martial arts or yoga would be a better fit than high impact exercises. That might be tricky right now but it’s not impossible.

On top of the online classes that were already available, numerous fitness companies and trainers have taken their practices into the virtual space. Once you find your fit, motivation will come more easily.

Add Exercise to Your Regular Tasks

If you’re really struggling with carving out time for physical activities, another option is adding movement to your day-to-day life. While cleaning the house is its own form of exercise, you can kick it up a notch by putting on some music and dancing while you work. As you move from one activity to the other, consider breaking things up with some squats or crunches in-between. To make sure you can keep this going, don’t put too much on your plate at the beginning. Instead, focus on changing one small task at a time. In time, you’ll probably have your own personalized workout routine down to a ‘T’.