Are you tempted to skip a warm-up and dive into your workout? Find out why and how these 4 warm-up and stretching routines will improve your body and mental health.

Always warm-up before and stretch after the workout
Always warm-up before and stretch after the workout
Photos by Christina Moroz on Unsplash

Being stuck at home and watching pandemic news is so stressful. And you sit all day at home, working at home due to the pandemic. All you want to do is a quick workout and increase your blood flow to feel alive. As you’ve probably realized, avoiding workout mistakes will bring you closer to the desired body. But have you imagined what could happen if you keep training without warming-up? Your workout wouldn’t be effective, your muscles will tighten, and you can get injured and forget about working out for a long time. So prepare yourself. It’s time to stretch up and start moving.

Warm-up routine before the workout

Warm-up routine before workout

As you can see, the warm-up routine takes less than 10 minutes. All 17 exercises take no more than 30 seconds each. What happens to your body during this time?

By the time of stretching your body’s temperature rises, which increases heart rate, blood flow, and respiration rate. And here is the best part—you are now prepared mentally and physically for the workout. But why mentally? 

According to research, a mental warm-up reduces stress, increases readiness for exercising, and enhances your workout. Combined with mindful breathing, it can decrease anxiety and depression. But what if you are stuck at home and don’t want to go to the gym because of the pandemic?

A warm-up routine at home

At-home warm-up routine

You put on your workout outfit. You turn on workout music and spread out the mat. Now you can start with deep bends, with your feet wide apart and shoulder rolls at the top.

Warm-up your whole body. Then you continue with your upper body, stretching your arms and back and rolling your neck, thus activating the blood flow. And finally, you finish with legs exercises, which are the cherry on the cake.

Do you feel more energized? If 8-10 minutes are too much, and you are short on time, I may have a solution. Let me present to you a dynamic warm-up. Are you ready to sweat for 5 minutes?

A dynamic warm-up routine

A dynamic warm-up routine to sweat you for 5 minutes

The dynamic warm-up routine aims to warm-up your body at a higher intensity. According to research, it helps increase your quadriceps strength and hamstring flexibility. A dynamic warm-up can also significantly improve power and agility, sprinting performance, vertical and long jumps.

It’s a great benefit if you are planning to play basketball or go running. Your body may feel energized and power you through the workout. And that’s not all.

Being stuck at home due to the pandemic and working from home with a computer increases your time in a slouched or hunched posture. Fortunately, if you do a dynamic warm-up routine combined with strengthening exercises, your posture can improve to its proper position again.

Stretching after a workout for relaxation and flexibility

Stretching routine after a workout

What do you do after your workout? You might consider doing post-workout low-intensity exercises and stretching for the last 7 minutes of your routine. It can help reduce the risk of injury and decrease muscle tension in your body so that you can feel protected.

Just like entering a warm bath, your body feels relaxed, your back and shoulder pain gradually slips away. You can feel how each tiny bone aligns properly, and your posture corrects and straightens. Feel how your blood flow is improving, and you start feeling more energized and alive during this pandemic.

In the end, the benefits are not only for your physical body. Stretching after a workout harmonizes your mind and improves your mood. You can feel how mental stress has gone, and you’ve become a new person. Now, with your mind refreshed and the stress gone, you are ready to continue doing your job more effectively than just an hour before.

If you are determined to workout regularly, make the warm-up and stretching routines part of your life. As you can see, they can bring you closer to the desired body, release your muscle pain and tension, and reduce mental stress. The best part that I like is improving my posture and my mental health. Can you benefit from these routines? Think about it.