We’ve all heard of the Freshman 15 right? With everything going on right now in the world, most people are probably struggling with one of two things: eating right and exercising.

We're all struggling with worries right now due to many factors, but we're not alone in these.
We’re all struggling with worries right now because of many factors, but we’re not alone in these.
Photo by Anh Nguyen on Unsplash

I know myself; I have been struggling with exercising regularly. Though I am mostly getting out and walking the dogs, I haven’t been able to go to Orange Theory Fitness because the gyms are closed and man do I miss it. Walking the dogs is great, but doesn’t have that same burn as OTF does. So I’ve been having to observe my eating habits.

Most of us are struggling because of a lot of factors like home schooling kids, loss of jobs, finances, general worry over the coronavirus, how to go out into the world with the coronavirus and interact with people. So many things to take into account when struggling with things right now that it’s no wonder people are turning to eating more, or exercising more, whichever works for you, as a coping mechanism.

Struggling with homeschooling kids and learning that it should pay teachers more.
Struggling with homeschooling kids and learning that it should pay teachers more.
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

You’re not alone in those of you struggling with stress eating or emotional eating and gaining those extra pounds. There are memes all over the place speaking about this, from the fridge knowing you better than your shower nowadays, to needing a new wardrobe before going back to work. Struggling with “quarantine 15,” in my weight loss journey, I have myself gained a few rather than lost, despite my best efforts.

I’m not mad at myself though, it’s a consequence I know of being lax with myself. Rather than being upset which won’t get me anywhere, or being angry at myself, I know I just need to get back on track and find those horses to that wagon I fell off. I’m an old hand at this and those horses know not to go far.

If you’re struggling with those pounds that are creeping up, try to get back on track now that things look like they might open up slowly. If for no other reason but to avoid buying a new wardrobe for work. Start slow if you’re having trouble going cold turkey back into the routine of how you used to eat to keep those pounds off or were eating to drop them.

While struggling to find ways to eat right, find new foods to try to liven up your day to day routine.
While struggling to eat right, find new foods to liven up your day to day routine.
Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

I know for me, I’m struggling with grocery shopping right now to get the foods that I normally eat to lose weight and so while I use that as an excuse, it’s a tough one to use because I can substitute other things. Try unique things, expand your palate and horizons with exciting foods, look up recipes and ideas that might excite you to try fresh foods you hadn’t thought of before.

Most of all, don’t forget to just live. Struggling with this is normal. I know it feels like things are at a standstill but the world is moving on around us and we can’t let these things hold us back. Smile, and know that wherever you are, you’re supported by many people in spirit and community.