Shilajit supplements offer many health benefits. But how do you choose the best one for your needs? We’ve done the research for you. Here are the 3 best shilajit supplements to buy in 2020.

Shilajit has been a part of Ayurveda for thousands of years. It is used as an energy booster, has a positive impact on brain function, and is a popular choice for increasing male sex drive.

Research on shilajit continues to demonstrate benefits in the areas of disease prevention and longevity. If you’re interested in a shilajit supplement, but confused by your options, let us help. Here are the best shilajit supplements to buy in 2020.

#1: Youtheory Men’s Shilajit Advanced

The Best Shilajit Supplement for Boosting Testosterone Levels

One of the best shilajit supplements on the market, Youtheory's product contains patented PrimaVie.

One of the best shilajit supplements on the market, Youtheory’s product contains patented PrimaVie.
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Stress, poor diet, and inadequate sleep can all cause testosterone levels to plummet. This can lead to low energy, reduced muscle mass, and male infertility, which is increasingly common.

If you’re looking for one the best ways to boost your testosterone levels naturally, this shilajit supplement from Youtheory is designed specifically for your needs.

This product uses the clinically-studied and patented form of shilajit known as PrimaVie, which isextracted from the Himalayas. This gives you confidence that the supplement you’re getting is pure. Youtheory’s shilajit supplement is a rich source of fulvic acid, the compound to which most of shilajit’s benefits are attributed. With regular use of this shilajit supplement, users report an improvement in testosterone levels, and without the side effects and other risks associated with medication.

#2: Roar High Potency Shilajit

The Best Shilajit Supplement For Energy & Weight Management

Roar's shilajit supplement packs a whopping 600 mg of fulvic acid per serving!
Roar’s shilajit supplement packs a whopping 600 mg of fulvic acid per serving!
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Did you know that shilajit plays a role in weight management? Aside from increasing energy for exercise and other forms of physical activity, shilajit can also help you lose a few pounds. This shilajit supplement is the best one for this particular purpose.

Roar’s shilajit supplement ensures optimal absorption at the cellular level. Again, fulvic acid is the key player in any shilajit supplement and this compound needs to be assimilated by the body in order for it to exert its benefits. In doing so, it can help burn fat and replace it with lean muscle mass.

Roar’s shilajit supplement can also help increase libido by boosting testosterone levels, allowing young and middle-aged to enjoy their sex life to the fullest.

The supplement provides 1,200 mg of shilajit, with a hefty dose of 600 mg of pure fulvic acid—one of the highest you’ll find. Roar’s product is non-GMO, free of common allergens, and produced in an FDA-certified facility.

#3. Shangrila Shilajit Extract: Pure Himalayan Shilajit

The Best Shilajit Supplement For Lean Muscle Mass

Are you passionate about bodybuilding? This shilajit supplement is best for anyone interested in increasing their lean body mass. Shangrila’s shilajit supplement also helps with recovery after an exhausting workout.

Below is a video that explains the benefits of this shilajit supplement.

This shilajit supplement may appeal to you if you prefer a liquid delivery system as opposed to pills or capsules. This product is infused with Manuka honey for added sweetness. This is a unique benefit of this supplement, as many competing brands have an unpleasant taste.

With this supplement, customers receive a brochure explaining the health benefits of shilajit and directions for use. You also get a stainless-steel measuring spoon to make accurate dosing easier.

The Bottom Line

Our recommendations of the best shilajit supplements are based consumer reviews. You can choose among these three shilajit supplements according to your priorities. I hope we’ve saved you some time in your search for the best shilajit supplements.