If you’re used to making use of services outside of your home to maintain wellness, don’t worry. You can get what you need even with the restrictions.

You can still balance all three for total wellness
Balancing all three is necessary for total wellness. Credit: Pixabay Creator: Geralt

It’s hard enough to keep up with your total wellness under normal circumstances. With this new world, many people are struggling to find ways to stay on track. Here are 3 important ways to be well during lockdown.

Physical Wellness

The two main parts of physical wellness are watching what you eat and staying active. It might not seem possible to eat well in lockdown, but you can do it. Just make sure you maintain some level of flexibility. You have enough to deal with at the moment. Now is not the time to beat yourself up for not sticking to a strict meal plan. When it comes to exercise, you’re not on your own either. Take advantage of the online programs and apps that are available. The list of free or discounted virtual exercise sessions seems to be growing daily so keep up to date with what’s going on. If you’re fortunate enough to have a backyard, try out awesome workouts that fit your space.

Mental Wellness

Whether you’re isolating alone or with others, the lockdown can take a toll on your mental health. Take care of yourself by finding activities that bring you peace and happiness. If you have hobbies that can be done indoors, great! If not, it’s worth your while to find some. Some of the things you can try are meditation, gardening, painting, drawing, writing, and reading. Even if you don’t have all the supplies you need, consider researching suppliers that might be able to deliver during the lockdown. It’s also worth noting that taking care of your mental health has some serious benefits for your physical health too!

Spiritual Wellness

Before you give up on this third pillar, bear in mind that spirituality doesn’t necessarily mean religion. If you haven’t given this part of your life much thought, the lockdown might actually be the perfect time to do some soul searching. It certainly helps that more spiritual organizations than ever before are keeping virtual gatherings. You can learn more about what’s out there and find out what works for you without even leaving your home. Once the lockdown is over, you’ll be free to explore your spirituality even further.