Are you heading down to Austin soon? If you are looking for some amazing vegan food, try these 6 places. They definitely won’t disappoint!

Hidden beneath the skyline of Austin are dozens of restaurants serving delicious vegan food!
Hidden beneath the skyline of Austin are dozens of restaurants serving delicious vegan food!
Image by KBaucherel from Pixabay

Austin is the capital city of Texas, and it’s filled to the brim with amazing food. Texas may be known for meat and BBQ, but in the capital, you will see a wide range of food for everyone. Austin is home to several all-vegan restaurants that go above and beyond. These 6 restaurants and food trucks will absolutely blow you away!

All of the restaurants and food trucks on this list do delivery. During a global pandemic, you may not want to sit at a table surrounded by people. These restaurants understand, so their food is made with care in a clean environment and delivered to your door with no in-person contact.

Lil Nonna’s

Li'l Nonna's also sells garlic knots; be careful to not get addicted!
Li’l Nonna’s also sells garlic knots; be careful to not get addicted!
Image by Jana Birchum from The Austin Chronicle

First up is Li’l Nonna’s, a vegan pizza food truck. It can be hard to find a pizza place that sells vegan pizza. Many restaurants offer vegan meats but no vegan cheese. Alternatively, a lot of restaurants only offer cheese, with no meat substitutes. Sometimes, you are just craving a pepperoni pizza, and Li’l Nonna’s can help with that.

Like most pizza places, Li’l Nonna’s has specialty pies. Don’t feel pressured to try one of their unique creations, though. I have no shame in going to a swanky restaurant and ordering a plain cheese pizza. All their pizzas are made with house-made vegan mozzarella, making them even more delicious!

Currently, Li’l Nonna’s is a food truck, but they plan on expanding! A new location in North Austin is set to be the home of Big Nonna’s. The pizzeria plans to team up with Sweet Ritual, a vegan ice cream parlor. The restaurant will offer both pizza and ice cream!


Arlos' serves classic, greasy fast food; perfect for a road trip stop in Austin.
Arlos’ serves classic, greasy fast food; perfect for a road trip stop in Austin.
Image from Arlos Official Website

Arlo’s is a staple in my apartment. When I first moved to Austin, I ordered from them because I had not unpacked my dishes. After the first bite, I became addicted. Now, I order from Arlo’s regularly! Luckily there are 3 locations, with one of them being a 2-minute drive from me! Arlo’s serves typical American fast food to satisfy your cravings.

I usually order the same thing every time I go. My favorite item on their menu is the Chipotle Chik’n burger. The burger has a vegan patty with lettuce, coleslaw, and chipotle sauce. The food seems simple, but it will fill you up and blow your mind. Arlo’s has huge portions that aren’t too expensive as well. One of their burgers has even won an award!

Occasionally, Li’l Nonna’s and Arlo’s team up to make a tater tot pizza. I know, it sounds bizarre, but once you taste it, you will love it. A lot of the vegan restaurants in Austin work together, so crossovers like this aren’t that uncommon.

Conscious Cravings

This is the spicy chickpea burrito, Conscious Craving's most popular dish!
This is the spicy chickpea burrito, Conscious Craving’s most popular dish!
Image from Conscious Cravings Official Website

The last two restaurants lean a bit on the unhealthy side. If you want healthier food, try Conscious Cravings. I ordered for the first time a few weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised. Their portions are very generous, without being too expensive.

For $8, I was expecting a small burrito. Healthy vegan food can be expensive sometimes. When the order arrived, I was met with a giant Chimichurri Seitan burrito. After finishing, I didn’t feel too stuffed. I felt like it was the perfect amount of food for the price.

Vegetarian Austinites consider this Vegetarian eatery on wheels a bonafide restaurant that has them coming back for more over and over.

USA Today, 10Best List

Conscious Cravings also has a selection of vegan smoothies. Their smoothies are just as healthy, made with fresh fruits, veggies, and added flax seeds for Omega 3s. This is vegan food you won’t feel bad about! It satisfies your cravings without being too filling.

Rebel Cheese

Rebel Cheese can help provide a cheese alternative to curb your dairy craving.
Rebel Cheese can help provide a cheese alternative to curb your dairy craving.
Image from Rebel Cheese Official Website

If you are a foodie living in Austin, then you definitely know this restaurant. Rebel Cheese has won several awards, including Best New Restaurant in Austin. This award is for non-vegan restaurants as well! Vegans and non-vegans alike both recognize how amazing it is.

While Rebel Cheese is a restaurant serving meals, they are also a vegan deli. They sell house-made meats and cheeses, perfect for any charcuterie board. Rebel Cheese has an extensive amount of cheeses offered; you can check out some of their selection here, on their online order page.

Unlike some plant-based cheeses, the team uses techniques usually found in dairy cheese production, including aging.

Katie Friel, Austin Culture Map

Their meals are just as impressive as the cheese selection. If you just want a quick bite, make sure to look at the sandwiches offered. The sandwiches are made with their house made cheese, but can be a bit expensive. Be sure to check the prices, since some dishes can be up to $15!

The Vegan Yacht

The Vegan Yacht's original location; a food truck in central Austin.
The Vegan Yacht’s original location; a food truck in central Austin.
Image from Tony Webster on Flickr

Like Conscious Cravings, The Vegan Yacht sells vegan burritos. When I first heard the name, I was expecting fancy and expensive food. What I got was an affordable meal that is also Austin’s best vegan burrito!

The Vegan Yacht has also recently expanded to a building from their food truck. In September, The Vegan Yacht opened a location in South Austin, serving their entire menu. Their burritos are huge and well priced too. Aside from burritos, you can also order burrito bowls and frito pies.

 With the move to the bigger space, the owners plan to extend offerings to include baked goods, soft serve, a wide assortment of drinks and new burritos. 

Matthew Odam, Austin360

While visiting, you need to try their buffalo burrito and buffalo bowl. I am completely obsessed with buffalo sauce on anything, and this is no exception. Non-vegans may be skeptical of vegan food, but the buffalo burrito will definitely change their mind!

The Beer Plant

The Beer Plant is Austin's first all-vegan gastropub!
The Beer Plant is Austin’s first all-vegan gastropub!
Image from The Beer Plant Official Website

Vegan gastropubs are hard to come by; most pubs don’t offer that much vegan food. A gastropub is a pub that specializes in high-quality food, which is exactly what The Beer Plant is doing. If you are looking for excellent food to eat while you enjoy a few beers, you have to visit!

The Beer Plant delivers warm and filling American food for brunch and dinner. One of their most popular items is the vegan chicken and waffles. I am in a vegan Facebook group for people that live in Austin, and I see someone post a picture of the chicken and waffles at least once a day.

When you first hear the term “vegan gastropub,” it doesn’t exactly click. But when you get to The Beer Plant, it all makes sense, and you realize the people that opened this place might be geniuses.

Katherine Lewin, The Infatuation

In addition to yummy food, The Beer Plant also delivers on locally made beers and cocktails. Many of the beers offered are local to Austin and Dallas, as well as other cities in Texas. Make sure to stop buy and taste some beers you may not be able to find anywhere else!

Are you interested in any of these restaurants? Be sure to check out their full menu’s online! If you have any other vegan restaurant recommendations in Austin, comment below. There are a bunch more; these are just 6 of my favorite options!