City of Heroes, you ask? Isn’t that a game from long ago that got shut down by NCSoft with players standing under the statue in Atlas Park waving torches until the servers shut down? Yes. That’s the game.

City of Heroes gives options for great costume customizations.
City of Heroes gives options for great costume customizations.

YES, it’s back again! After about a year now that it’s been out, there are several servers out there with the game client on it. The one I’m playing at the moment is Homecoming: City of Heroes, which you can find here with their forums, sign up to create an account and download the game to play City of Heroes for the first time (or again if you’re coming back home). I suggest looking at the game if you’re a fan of customization, superheroes and all things DC, Marvel or any other comic book that you may have been (or are) a fan of.

Now City of Heroes is a glorious game that covers a genre that has picked up a bit in the past few years with games such as Champions Online or Marvel Heroes, though it’s not as big in the market as other genres for MMO’s. MMO’s themselves have slowed down a bit in the past few years with games going more to cash shops than monthly subscriptions, and even those that are on monthly subscriptions still have a cash shop to bring in the extra money.

Some info on City of Heroes as it stood in 2019.

Homecoming: City of Heroes doesn’t have this, and in fact, this City of Heroes iteration only opens a funding pool once a month for donations to keep the servers open and closes it once they meet that goal. They’re talking with NCSoft about code rights and other factors that will help make the game less on the edge of being questionable in its state of stability with the big company and any cracking down they may want to do, so right now all they can do for City of Heroes at the moment is to take donations and not pay themselves for the love they put into it.

And a labor of love it is for them. In this version of City of Heroes, they’ve made new power sets, new costume pieces, and other bits in the game that the developers never got to before in the live game, making it more enjoyable than it was before (I mean it was fun before already!). Additional power sets such as experimentation that allows you to run and warp at speed, throw down vials of corrosive liquid and inject people for endurance recovery are all neat powers that you can take with this additional set.

Homecoming: City of Heroes had their first year anniversary about two weeks ago, throwing out badges for everyone. It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since the game has been back. There are other servers out there if you’re interested such as Thunder Spy, Rebirth, and I Have Cake!, all of which you can find on their respective sites though I caution with a warning that every server has their own way of doing things.

Come join us on the Everlasting server on Homecoming: City of Heroes if you’re interested, drop me a comment and I’d be more than happy to help a newbie out, or just make friends while protecting Paragon City!