ROBLOX is a popular game right now. The game is a shell and has lots of user-generated sub-games. Users play sub-games as there is no main game for ROBLOX. The two sub-games my daughter and I play are Piggy and Bacon.

Roblox logo
ROBLOX logo. Photo from Wikipedia.

Both ROBLOX games, Piggy and Bacon, are built alike. In fact, Piggy inspired Bacon. The gameplay is simple. There are Pigs, in Piggy, and a serial killer named Bacon, in Bacon. Users run around on a map and try not to get killed by Piggy or Bacon.

Piggy and Bacon Game Play

While running around there are tasks for the users to do. You collect keys, and other key like items, then open up various doors. Once the puzzle is solved an escape door is opened and all the players escape. To win is to escape.

Piggy and Bacon are multi-player games. You can have four to five of your friends play with you at the same time. Users take turns being with Piggy or Bacon.

Before the game starts there are several scenarios to choose from to play. Each user logged in gets to vote on which map they want. The map with the most votes is the one that is played next.

The next vote is on what type of Bacon or Piggy will be played. The computer AI can play Piggy and Bacon or they can be played by a user. There can also be two Piggies or Bacons. One played by a bot and the other played by a user.

When you’re selected to be Piggy and Bacon, you have no friends. Your job is to kill your friends, so have at it, and don’t be shy.

All these options keep the game fresh. They also come out with new maps and options regularly. When I started playing there were only a handful of maps. Now there are more than a dozen.

I highly recommend playing Piggy or Bacon on ROBLOX with your kids or with your friends.