Grand Theft Auto 5 is a fun-filled game with lots of action and explosives. Here are 2 reasons GTA 5‘s multiplayer mode is better than single-player mode.

Grand Theft Auto V game cover
Grand Theft Auto V (5) game cover.
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Reason #1 GTA 5’s Multiplayer Is Better: Gameplay

I specifically purchase a game for its gameplay features, but mostly multiplayer. I enjoyed playing the single-player story mode, but logging on with friends and having fun always seemed better to me. All my friends had GTA 5 and raved about it, so I got it to play with them. Since I had Xbox Live, I played it multiplayer style with my friends.

In the game, you and your friends run heist missions together and get equal pay because it’s split between all players. This makes the story mode better because communicating with each other is a lot easier since you can talk through a headset rather than waiting for gameplay dialogue.

GTA 5 focuses on heists in the game, but sometimes in the dialogue you have to switch characters, which I find annoying. When playing with friends, you stay with your chosen character, making it less stressful. You don’t have to switch to check on each character’s health, either. This feature in GTA 5‘s multiplayer makes it easier for players to complete heists fast.

The game itself was $60 on the Xbox 360. It’s also $60 for Xbox Live for the year. Although Xbox Live is worth the investment because you can play all games multiplayer, the game isn’t a reasonable price. This is not something I would recommend if you are looking to play a game with friends at a cheaper cost.

Close up shot on a luxury car in Grand Theft Auto 5
One of the many cars you can use in-game.
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Reason #2 GTA 5’s Multiplayer Is Better: Purchasing Options

Another one of my favorite features was the added purchasing options in GTA 5‘s multiplayer mode previously unavailable in single-player mode. Players can now own all the special features for their cars, boats, and helicopters. These purchasing options included new apartments, too.

The primary reason multiplayer is better is because Trevor, Michael, and Franklin can only purchase or invest in certain things in single-player mode. For example, Michael can only own the movie theaters, Franklin can own towing companies, and Trevor can own Pillbox Hill garage. These specified features are cool, but not my favorite since I wanted to max my profit.

I liked the additional feature where players could purchase whatever they wanted. My favorite thing to buy was the biggest apartment, Eclipse Hills! I remember my character invested in stocks at the bars in the game. It’s fun to debate with your friends about who gets what apartment, but exploring the multiplayer map and meeting up with friends afterward is one of my favorite parts.

GTA 5‘s multiplayer has been one of my favorite games for a while. It’s far better than story mode. These are only 2 highlights that made me want to continue playing the game with friends. If you have any more, or if you disagree, let us know in the comments!