Minecraft is an interactive, open-world game. The prime purpose is exploration, among many others. Keep reading to discover the numerous benefits of Minecraft!

Minecraft character holding up a flower to a square shaped bee
Minecraft has many things to explore. What’s your favorite terrain?
Image from Mojang

Reason #1: Promoting Creativity

The basis of Minecraft is promoting creativity within the game. Players can build on creative mode, where resources are infinite. This allows them to create massive structures in their game. I’ve watched YouTubers such as Gamer Brain tour builds, and I’ve followed amazing tutorials too. Some players use survival mode as the basis of their game and still create amazing structures.

Creativity is the primary reason I wanted Minecraft for my console. I loved the concept behind Minecraft and being able to add whatever I wanted to my game. I started playing Minecraft before creative mode existed, so I knew the struggles of running out of materials in the game and using dirt to finish my house! I was able to appreciate creative mode that much more after it released!

Large development created in Minecraft
A massive development created by the Nox Team in the game! What do you think?
Photo From Minecraft On Twitter

Reason #2: Teamwork

Many know of Minecraft for its multi-player opportunities. In the game, players can invite their friends to work on their worlds with them. They can rummage for supplies, fight mobs, and explore the unknown aside from the base they created.

My favorite aspect of the game was playing with friends. That was another reason I asked for it for my console. I had the chance to create gigantic worlds in my game with others, instead of doing it alone. Sometimes my friends would pop into my world to say hi, or to just build. Either way, working together is an excellent reason for you to add Minecraft to your game library.

The two main Minecraft characters, Alex and Steve, fight against mobs.
The two main characters, Alex and Steve, fight against mobs.
Photo By リカルド・フィリペ on MobyGames

Reason #3: Resource Management

Resource management is another reason Minecraft is a beneficial game. Players have opportunities to find rare items, such as diamonds, and create tools out of them. Managing their inventory helps gamers understand what resources are available to them, and adds another layer of challenge. Players can also work with their friends to build, so they have to keep up with fewer resources.

I know the ability to keep track of my resources helped me build structures. In the game, I label all my chests so I’m coordinated. That’s a big reason I love signs in the game!

Do you play Minecraft? If you do, what do you enjoy most about the game? Let us know in the comments! Happy gaming!