Final Fantasy X turns 19 this month! Here’s a celebratory list of some of the hardest side quests in the game!

FFX - Title Screen
Photo by BurningStickMan on MobyGames
The FFX title screen.
Photo by BurningStickMan on MobyGames

#1. FFX Hard Quest: Monster Arena

The Monster Arena quest in FFX is tough because of defeating the Area Conquest monsters, the Species Conquest, and the Original monsters. To achieve these monsters, you must collect 10 of each monster in each area provided by this humble-looking man in the Calm Lands. Collecting sounds easy, right? Be careful; some areas are more difficult than others, such as Cavern of the Stolen Fayth and the Omega Ruins.

This quest is frustrating from capturing all the enemies because certain areas have hot spots, and some don’t. Yet, the enemy encounter rate is random most of the time. A suitable way to know what you captured so far is checking your list and tallying up what you need from each area instead of continually going back to the Calm Lands to check.

FFX - Monster Arena
Photo by Author
FFX – Monster Arena

#2. FFX Hard Quest: Chocobo Race

Yet another Calm Lands quest in FFX. The Chocobo Race quest is only necessary if you care about Tidus and his celestial weapon. The goal is to win the race against the other Chocobo racer with a time of 0:00.0. It’s difficult, but not impossible.

As you race with Tidus on a Chocobo in this FFX side quest, you can collect several red balloons to cut down your time. There are also birds, that look like seagulls, that fly directly at you and stop you, so your time increases. Playing this a few rounds will drive you insane, but you will learn the patterns with enough patience. The reward is Tidus’s Sun Sigil.

FFX - Chocobos!
Photo by Author
FFX – Chocobos!

#3. FFX Hard Quest: Dodge 200 Lightning Bolts

This quest is the most annoying in FFX. You must dodge 200 lightning bolts in the Thunder Plains for Lulu’s Venus Sigil for her celestial weapon. I rarely use Lulu in my primary party, so I attempt this a few times until I lose my mind and quit.

The Venus Sigil requires so much patience and is time-consuming. It is not as time-consuming as Blizball, but it’s a close second. When you first enter the Thunder Plains, FFX tells you how to dodge the bolts. Does that make this process any easier? No. You must keep yourself composed and calm. I suggest keeping count on a piece of paper, equip armor with No Encounters, and stay close to the Save Point to save your game after every 10 bolts dodged.

FFX -  Tidus didn't dodge in time
Photo by Author
FFX – Tidus didn’t dodge in time

Bonus Quest! Al Bhed Primers

Al Bhed Primers allow you to decrypt the Al Bhed language if you collect all 26 in FFX. You don’t have to get all of them to figure out what the Al Bhed are saying, just a fair amount. However, it is nice to have them all for the reward, 99 Underdog’s Secrets. This item allows for the customization of Double Overdrive.

The toughest Primers to achieve in FFX are the ones in the Al Bhed Sanctuary, Home. There’s only one chance to get them before Home explodes. These are volumes XIV, XX, and XXI. Another Primer you only get one shot at, volume XXII, is in Bevelle after the wedding scene and before the Cloister of Trials.

FFX - Clearly not all of them
Photo by Author
FFX – Still missing a few

There are other quests in FFX that are somewhat difficult, but these are my top. They require patience. Share in the comments below if you have other challenges apart from this list!