Final Fantasy IX for the PlayStation 1 turns 20 this month! In celebration, here are 3 quests that are some of the toughest in Final Fantasy IX!

FFIX - Title Screen
Photo by Unicorn Lynx on MobyGames
FFIX – Title Screen
Photo by Unicorn Lynx on MobyGames

#1 FFIX Hard Side Quest – Excalibur II

The Excalibur II in FFIX is by far the hardest side quest. Why? Because you must play through the entire game and reach a specific room in Memoria, which is the last FFIX dungeon, in 12 hours or fewer. FFIX is 4 discs long. To accomplish this near-impossible task, you would have to speed run without leveling your characters at all.

Thankfully, the PC port of Final Fantasy IX was transferred to the PlayStation 4 with a few perks added. The “High Speed Mode” definitely increases your chance of beating the time limit within the game. Then there’s “Safe Travel” that abolishes all random encounters. Finally, there’s the ultimate perk for all bosses that you must defeat. I refer to this one as “God-mode” because at the start of your battle, everyone has their Trance and your HP/MP will continuously be full. It’s almost impossible to die in this FFIX quest with all 3 of these activated.

FFIX - Excalibur II Quest location in Memoria, last dungeon
FFIX – Excalibur II Quest location
Photo by Author

#2 FFIX Hard Side Quest – Ozma

Ozma is the most challenging boss battle in Final Fantasy IX. Getting to this battle takes a lot of time because you have to complete the Chocobo Side Quest. Ozma is available in the Chocobo Air Garden, only available via Gold Chocobo. That being said, the FFIX Chocobo Quest is easy on its own.

There are many methods to defeat Ozma. I recommend Zidane, Eiko, Vivi, and Freya. That gives you your primary character, a white mage, a black mage, and a red mage/dragoon. There’s two powerhouses and three mages with just 4 characters. Defense is big with this FFIX battle, and Shadow absorption is important for Vivi’s Doomsday attack.

FFIX - Chocobo Air Garden - Ozma Quest location
Photo by Author
FFIX – Chocobo Air Garden
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#3 FFIX Hard Side Quest – King of Jump Rope

If you have not rolled your eyes yet from the other 2 side quests in FFIX, get ready for this one. None of the perks from the PC port will help you with this quest. The King of Jump Rope in FFIX is the most annoying quest in the Final Fantasy franchise. It is all about timing.

The FFIX King of Jump Rope quest is available after Alexandria gets destroyed in the bell tower. You play as Vivi with the kids playing jump rope. The goal is to reach 1,000 jumps. The kids with the rope will say “!” each time you need to jump. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. After 20 jumps, the speed picks up. 1,000 jumps for one quest is annoying and tedious, but it is a trophy for FFIX on the PS4.

FFIX - Alexandria - Jump Rope Quest
Photo by Author
FFIX – Alexandria – Jump Rope Quest
Photo by Author

Were these difficult sounding quests? Do you know any other side quests in FFIX that are considered tougher to you? Please tell me your thoughts in the comments below!