When PlayStation 2 hit the stores, some titles gained popularity immediately, while others barely scraped by. These three games are seriously underrated!

Picture of PlayStation system and controllers with text that reads "3 PlayStation 2 Games that are widely underrated"
What are your favorite underrated PlayStation 2 games?

Underrated Game #1: Shadow Hearts I

Shadow Hearts is part of a wildly underrated series on PlayStation. Why were these games underrated? I have no idea! The premise of Shadow Hearts is that you are Yuri, a man that can change his form into six elemental demons, and you must protect a woman by the name of Alice.

Shadow Hearts is a horror RPG like its predecessor, Koudelka. In reality, it’s eerie, so don’t expect a lot of jump scares in this game. Shadow Hearts is labeled as a horror game because of the creepy Japanese urban legends that are discussed within the game.

Shadow Hearts has a unique battle system, as shown in the picture below. You will notice a ring with colored areas on it. Those areas are “hit areas,” and the ring is a Judgement Ring. You want to at least hit the orange areas to attack, but the red areas allow for critical attacks. The concept of Shadow Hearts’ battle system may be a reason most of the population overlooked the game.

Screenshot of gameplay from PlayStation 2 game Shadow Hearts I. Characters are engaged in an RPG style battle.
PlayStation’s Shadow Hearts I – Battle
Photo by Unicorn Lynx on MobyGames

Underrated Game #2: Shin Megami Tensei – Nocturne

Shin Megami Tensei sounds very familiar, as it should. The fun and popular Persona games are part of this series. Nocturne released for PlayStation 2 in 2004 and remained relatively underrated. Nocturne is a grim game due to its apocalyptic start. In order to fulfill an ancient prophecy, your character turns into a demon/human hybrid that can recruit other monsters to fight alongside you.

This game deserves more attention than it got because of several reasons. The battle system is turn-based and straightforward. The compass mechanic in the game means it’s not exactly a random battle encounter game, which distinguishes this PlayStation 2 game from other turn-based titles at the time.

Nocturne is worth the time and energy because it has its audience guessing at every turn. If you want a mysteriously wicked game with character cameos, then Nocturne is the game for you. Don’t miss out on this underrated title!

Shin Megami Tensei - Nocturne game Title Screen
Playstation’s Shin Megami Tensei – Nocturne Title Screen
Photo by b081 on MobyGames

Underrated Game #3: Metal Gear Solid II – Sons of Liberty

Metal Gear Solid. What more do I need to say about this game? The series is wildly popular for PlayStation, so I bet you’re wondering why I consider this game to be underrated. The Metal Gear Solid franchise is phenomenal, no doubt about that. However, many people seemed to either not enjoy Metal Gear Solid II or skipped it entirely. Here are a couple of reasons the game was not as popular as the other titles.

The first reason Metal Gear Solid II seemed like a flop was the fact that you don’t play most of the game as the iconic Solid Snake. Instead, the game has you play as Raiden. He has virtually no humor or abrasiveness that you’d normally see in Snake. However, Raiden has redeemable qualities towards the end of the game. You’ll just have to play to find out what!

The second reason Metal Gear Solid II is underrated is the boss fights. Each Metal Gear Solid game has memorable and weird boss battles. Metal Gear Solid II has Vamp if we’re generous. However, the boss battle theme alone is fantastic, and I thoroughly enjoyed this game. Plus, it’s the perfect game for the 4th of July. What’s more patriotic than saving the President of the United States and upending a world-shaking conspiracy? Celebrate the holiday by giving this underrated game a try!

This game was just as well produced as the other Metal Gear Solid games. The story may be a little confusing, but this game leads to its direct sequel, Metal Gear Solid IV. This is definitely another underrated game you shouldn’t sleep on!

Metal Gear Solid II - Sons of Liberty game Title Screen
Photo by MAT on MobyGames
PlayStation’s Metal Gear Solid II – Sons of Liberty Title Screen
Photo by MAT on MobyGames

PlayStation 2 skyrocketed in sales with its system and its game library. There were many games to choose from, so don’t forget about these underrated games. Give Shadow Hearts, Nocturne, or Metal Gear Solid II a shot! Let us know which one of these underrated games is your favorite, or which ones you plan to try!