FPS (First-Person Shooter) games have seemed to take over the gaming community. Here are a few on the PS4 that may pique your interest!

FPS Game #1: Immortal Redneck

Immortal Redneck is an FPS gem I happened upon through a friend. While there’s no bloodshed in it, there is very vulgar language. They design the game for ages 18 and up. Your primary character is named Immortal Redneck, and his goal is to advance through the pyramids to find out why he became mummified.

There are a variety of weapons depending on the skin you can unlock as you upgrade your character. Each skin is a God or Goddess from Egyptian mythology with their own set of powers and weapons. As you progress through each room and pyramid level, the enemy count grows smaller but more complicated.

FPS game Immortal Redneck skill tree
The in-game skill tree from Immortal Redneck.
Photo by リカルド・フィリペ on MobyGames

FPS Game #2: Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is FPS and free to play on the PS4. This game and its predecessor, Destiny 1, are both created by Bungie. Bungie brought us Halo, so Destiny shouldn’t be too bad of a game, right? Your assumptions are correct. Destiny 2 is a prettier version of Halo. The story is okay, but the FPS aspect is a ton of fun, especially online with strangers or friends.

FPS game Destiny 2 Title Screen
Destiny 2 is a fun FPS game for the PS4!
Photo by Yearman on MobyGames

FPS Game #3: The Forest

While The Forest isn’t exactly a typical FPS game, it still has the point of view for one. The game begins with a plane crash to an unfamiliar island full of cannibals and odd-looking mutations. Your primary goal is to find your son in this weird forest. While that is the chief objective, the other is to survive.

The Forest is technically a crafting, horror, and survival game. I consider it an FPS because you play in first-person, and you can craft a bow and arrow to shoot regular or fire arrows. Is this a stretch for it to be an FPS? Maybe. But I think it fits.

The Forest in-game arrow shot
The Forest in-game arrow shot.
Official Screenshot from PlayStation Store

Have you played any of these games? Are there other FPS games you’d like to read about or have opinions about? Let me know in the comments!