There is plenty of stuff to do in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. However, one thing that may be slipping through the cracks of your daily island routine is tree shaking! Here are the top 3 reasons why you should shake trees more often!

ACNH screenshot with trees in the background and tree paintings
Trees make your island more beautiful, but they have more benefits than that!
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Now, I’m not suggesting you shake every single tree on your island. That would be ridiculous (especially if you have as many trees as I do!) But, more than likely, you aren’t shaking your trees enough. I know I wasn’t!

#1 Free Furniture

Someone on the island is hiding furniture in the trees! No one knows for sure who’s doing it, but that doesn’t matter since it means free furniture for you! Plus, every time you get furniture from a tree, it goes towards the Nook Miles reward Shady Shakedown. For an easy way to guarantee furniture, you’ll want to take advantage of the Nook Miles tickets. As long as the randomly generated island has trees (besides bamboo trees and fruit trees), you are guaranteed to get one piece of furniture! A Nook Miles island is much smaller than your home island, so it’s a lot easier and less time consuming to shake all of the trees there!

ACNH screenshot of a metronome that fell out of a tree
Who is putting metronomes in trees?
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#2 Free Bells

Every once in awhile, you’ll shake a tree that drops 100 Bells. So, essentially, the game is paying you to shake trees! It can be a little frustrating when you’re after furniture (I’m always looking for cool new pieces to add to my island), but it’s a great way to stack up some extra Bells. Besides, with that 2,498,000 Bell house upgrade payment looming over your head, you need all the Bells you can get!

I haven’t personally noticed a pattern for getting Bells from trees. Sometimes, I’ll get lucky with three Bell trees in a row, and other days I only get one or two Bell trees. The only pattern I’ve noticed is that it doesn’t happen right away for me. I usually find furniture before I start getting Bells from trees, but not always. My recommendation for getting free Bells? Shake those trees more often!

ACNH screenshot of bells that fell from trees
Late night tree shaking is always worth it for free Bells!
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#3 Wasps

I know, I know. Wasps are a good thing? Well, yes! It’s possible to catch wasps when you accidentally shake them out of trees. Besides being able to donate them to Blathers at the Museum, you can sell them for a pretty Bell too. Depending on who you sell to, catching a wasp will net you either 2,500 Bells or 3,750 Bells.

Shaking wasps out of a tree also drops a Wasp’s Nest, which is beneficial for making medicine and other DIY recipes. You can also sell the nests for 300 Bells. Plus, learning how to catch wasps has helped me improve at scorpion/tarantula catching on my island. (And those critters can net you 8,000 Bells or 12,000 Bells, depending on who you sell to!)

Animal Crossing screenshot of collecting a wasp after shaking a tree
Wasps come out of hardwood and cedar trees, so have a net handy when you’re shaking trees.
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Whether or not you’re a veteran tree shaker or a complete novice, there are plenty of reasons to start shaking trees more often. Do you shake your trees often? Are there other reasons to shake trees on your island? Let me know in the comments!