I’ve been on the lookout for an at-home fitness program since quarantine began. After getting my hands on Ring Fit Adventure, I realized it was the real deal!

Screenshot of Ring Fit Adventure with game mode options
Adventure Mode isn’t the only way to exercise in Ring Fit Adventure!
Image from author

An $80 fitness RPG may sound like an expensive gimmick, but Ring Fit Adventure is kicking my butt. Somehow I managed to snag a copy (since the game, like the Nintendo Switch, is sold out everywhere) and since then, exercise has become a healthy gaming addiction.

Ring Fit Adventure employs high-rep resistance cardio exercises to raise your heart rate and tone your muscles. The Ring-Con is the main controller that you squeeze and pull depending on the exercise (Overhead Press, Front Press). An additional leg strap is provided to detect leg movements.

The appeal, however, is Adventure Mode. Ring Fit Adventure offers a simple, yet effective premise: Dragaux, the buff dragon, has escaped and you must stop him through exercise.

Each day you work toward completing a handful of levels. Every level is designed on a guided jogging path until you eventually encounter a Monster. Then it turns into an RPG turn-based battle where the attacks equal exercise.

So far I’ve completed 5 workouts, and folks, I am sore. I was hesitant about purchasing an exercise game, but this one is legit. Ring Fit Adventure is the first video game I’ve played that successfully marries fun gameplay with quality exercise.

Still need convincing? Here are 3 reasons why you should consider ordering a copy for yourself.

1. It’s a Welcoming Workout Program

Ring Fit Adventure screenshot that encourages you throughout the entire workout
Ring Fit Adventure encourages you throughout the entire workout!
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If you’re in search of the “boot camp treatment,” this game ain’t it. Sure, you’ll be encouraged to keep going, but Ring Fit Adventure will never scream at you to do better. The game provides a gentler approach to motivate completing “just one more rep.” And that encouragement extends through the entire workout.

Whether you’re brand new to exercise or a seasoned veteran, Ring Fit Adventure is for anyone with goals to improve their health. Multiple difficulty levels are offered, and the game frequently asks if you’d prefer to increase the challenge, lower it, or keep it the same.

No matter what: Ring Fit Adventure will make you feel proud for doing better!

2. Ring Fit Adventure Promotes Safety First

Ring Fit Adventure screenshot with text that talks about proper form in exercising
Ring Fit Adventure provides daily tips to ensure you remain safe and healthy.
Image from author

With that said, Ring Fit Adventure understands that your safety matters. For each exercise, proper posture is always emphasized over completing the set. In other words: slow down! Take your time to ensure you’re doing the movement correctly. This prevents injury and, in the long run, promotes better gains.

I’m 24 years old and have a history of leg related injuries. From shin splints to plantar’s fasciitis, cardio exercises have been especially difficult to complete. So far, Ring Fit Adventure has been kind to my arches.

Jogging in place on a yoga mat feels good, and it hasn’t overexerted what I can complete. And if that’s too much, jogging can be turned off entirely by switching to Quiet Mode. This setting is designed for apartment users, but since it replaces jogging with squats, it’s fantastic for giving your arches a rest.*

Ring Fit Adventure also encourages dynamic warmups and static cooldowns, which should always be implemented!

*Please note: I’m not a physical therapist or a doctor. I’m just a regular guy who’s reporting what works for me. Your experience might be different from my own.

3. The Challenge is Real

Screenshot of my first battle with Draguax in Ring Fit Adventure, it was super difficult!
My first battle against Dragaux in Ring Fit Adventure was tough!
Image from author

Before the pandemic, I exercised at a kickboxing gym that prioritized High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Ring Fit Adventure isn’t a gym replacement, of course, but it’s as challenging as you’d like it to be.

On my first workout I set the difficulty to Intense – the third most challenging setting. It couldn’t be that bad, right?

The next day, I lowered the difficulty.

This was great news for two reasons:

  1. It quieted any remaining doubt about Ring Fit Adventure’s quality.
  2. It gave me an immediate goal to work toward.

When I complete Adventure Mode, I can hop right back in on a higher difficulty. This is such a fantastic way to both “gamify” the experience while measuring longterm progress.

It’s still too early to report my results, but I’m excited to see how my body improves in the coming weeks. Hopefully, more units can be produced for those who are excited to try it out.

Until gyms are safe to return to, however, I’ll be exercising exclusively with Ring Fit Adventure – and having fun doing it! What’s been your favorite exercise routine during the pandemic?