As people prepared to shelter in place, buyers stocked up on supplies to stay disinfected, fed, and entertained. Stores worldwide experienced a Nintendo Switch shortage.

People needing at-home entertainment are dealing with a Nintendo Switch shortage.
Nintendo Switch consoles are sold out as families look for at-home entertainment. commons.wikipedia/pixabay

We’ve all heard the term Netflix and chill, but with shelter-in-place laws in effect, it’s felt more like a command from the state. Many have “chilled” for two months now, pinned up with family, and those people know the importance of at-home entertainment. 

Just as fearful mobs emptied the grocery stores, so too did fear of boredom lead to every Nintendo Switch getting plucked from the shelf causing a shortage frenzy. In March Nintendo sold 4 million Switch Consoles. To put that in perspective, last year at Christmastime Nintendo only sold about a million more. 

What this means is, those who don’t already own a Nintendo Switch will be hard up to get one for a fair price now with this shortage going on. A quick google search will probably prove the nearest store the Switch is sold like Best Buy, GameStop or Target is sold out. You can find a Switch sold by re-sellers online but at a huge mark-up from the usual $299 sticker price. Which brings us to the first cause of this shortage.

#1 Nintendo is the economy console

Nintendo Switch consoles sell for fair price at $300.
Nintendo has always sold consoles at a fair price.

Historically Nintendo has always launched its products at a more affordable price than the competition. When Sony launched the Playstation 4, it sold for $400, and Xbox One’s sold for $500 when it launched. Whatever reason people have to make the purchase for a revolutionary game console only 3 years old, $300 seems fair. The Nintendo Switch is a great option for a family with limited income.

#2 Great for single-TV families

The Nintendo Switch's handheld gameplay is great for one-tv families.
Nintendo Switch offers quality hand-held gameplay.

During this time of staying at home, people are getting all-too-cozy with the family; more family at home more often, keeping new and sometimes strange schedules. For families with only one TV set, the Switch is the perfect console. No fighting with the family over who gets the TV, as per its namesake, you can switch to hand-held game play. The 6-inch touch screen has a resolution of 720p.

#3 Games for “Non-gamers”

The whole family can enjoy the gameplay on Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch.
Animal Crossing is a fun game for any family member.

With family on the mind, the Switch offers more games that appeal to all ages. Xbox and Playstation systems excel with first-person shooters and RPG campaigns. Meanwhile, Nintendo Switch just released Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and it’s already become the seventh highest-grossing game for the Nintendo Switch. The Switch also offers motion sensor gameplay, making games like Mario Party and Just Dance fun for the entire family.

#4 Scalpers looking to turn a profit

Over-priced Switch consoles are all that's available online.
A Google search for a Nintendo Switch reveals a shortage caused by greedy resellers.

Though the Covid-19 pandemic has proven some to be heroes, it’s also brought out the worst in others. It seems some people have taken to stocking up on Nintendo Switch consoles, causing a shortage like they were toilet paper or Clorox wipes. They’ve resorted to using checkout bots to buy out the stock. It’s no mistake that any Nintendo Switch sold online is outrageously overpriced. These jerks are taking advantage of a global crisis by hawking video games, of all things. So it could be worse, but there’s no question how important at-home entertainment has become, this shortage just couldn’t come at a worse time.