Multiplayer games should bring people together, yet some tear us apart. Here are 5 Multiplayer game series where people can get a little too mad when playing!

Multiplayer Game #1: Mario Kart

Mario Kart takes the cake at the number 1 spot for competitive multiplayer games. Over the years, it has progressed through Nintendo consoles with more items, more characters, different track stages, and new competitive strategies. The one component that has never changed is that Blue Shell. The Blue Shell gives the player in last place a chance to destroy the player in first. Can you imagine the fury that causes among wonderful friends with bad tempers?

Multiplayer - Start of a race in Mario Kart!
Photo by Kennyannydenny
Start of a race in Mario Kart!
Photo by Kennyannydenny on MobyGames

Multiplayer Game #2: Tekken

The Tekken franchise dates back to PlayStation 1. This multiplayer game has always created, and continues to create, family tension for my brothers and I. We would create our own tournaments on notebook paper and randomly choose our characters. Was it fun? Yes. Was it very competitive with no proper rewards except for pride? Also, yes.

Tekken is a multiplayer fighting game. It brought in Tekken Tag Tournament 1 and 2. Those are entertaining multiplayer concepts where 4 players can play via an adapter for 4 controllers. The other games involve 2 characters playing one-on-one in several rounds. The latest TekkenTekken 7, introduced online play and online tournaments to play with strangers or friends. Safe to say that this multiplayer fighting game creates aggressive gameplay to the point of button-mashing.

Multiplayer - Nina Williams in Tekken 7 
Photo by jaXen
Nina Williams in Tekken 7.
Photo by jaXen on Moby Games

Multiplayer Game #3: Super Smash Bros

Nintendo somehow creates the best multiplayer games that bring out the worst in us. Super Smash Bros started on the Nintendo 64 as a simple multiplayer game. There were no glitches—just a straightforward, fun game. The series has progressed immensely to where it has its very own convention. Super Smash Bros became a tremendous multiplayer sensation among strangers and friends. New characters with unique skills keep showing up in each installment.

At almost any party I have ever gone to, at least one part of it is playing this game. Super Smash Bros is a multiplayer party favor and competitive. The newer games allow up to 8 players at once, which means that someone may or may not throw a controller from rage. Take my advice and just try not to come in last!

Multiplayer - Super Smash Bros Ultimate brawl battle
Photo by リカルド・フィリペ on MobyGames
Super Smash Bros Ultimate brawl battle.
Photo by リカルド・フィリペ on MobyGames

Multiplayer Game #4: Halo

The Halo game series for Xbox is fiercely competitive, mainly among friends. They are multiplayer FPS games. You can play campaign mode with friends or versus. There is also online play, and a headset would be wise if you want to hear kids and grown adults rage-quit from a basic shooting game.

“Campaign” mode with a friend or sibling is enjoyable. Frustrating, but fun all the same. You play through the story together and trust that your second player is decent enough with you. “Versus” is like practice for online mode. “Online multiplayer” is where the fury and swearing come from. I have never seen such anger rise from a game.

Multiplayer - Halo - Master Chief Collection Title Screen
Photo by Yearman on MobyGames
Halo – Master Chief Collection title screen.
Photo by Yearman on MobyGames

Multiplayer Game #5: GoldenEye 007

Have you noticed three game franchises are all from Nintendo? GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo 64 is a cheesy game. Solo play was tough, but that’s not what this is about. The multiplayer concept of this game makes it incredible. GoldenEye plays up to 4 players and screen shares, a concept most people consider cheating.

There are so many ways in multiplayer mode to defeat your opponents. My personal favorites include proximity mines and rockets. If you are a competitive player in this game, watch out for people like me who cover every corner with mines. Most of the time, I end up blowing myself up. That’s what makes it fun, though.

Multiplayer - GoldenEye 007 Title Screen
Photo by Unicorn Lynx on MobyGames
GoldenEye 007 Title Screen
Photo by Unicorn Lynx on MobyGames

Should these games be as ruthless as gamers make them? Probably not. These multiplayer games are supposed to be good-natured fun, but gamer nature gets the best of us. Have you played any of these series? Are you one to rage-quit or laugh it all off? Share in the comments below!