It’s almost fall, which means it is the perfect time to play relaxing video games. Get cozy on the couch and start relaxing like there is no tomorrow!

Person grabbing Nintendo Switch, settling down to play some cozy and relaxing video games.
Colder weather combined with a pandemic calls for video games
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Sometimes, you just want to play a relaxing video game that does not have much action. There are tons of relaxing video games out there, but it can be hard to pick the perfect one. Fortunately, I made a list of my 6 favorite relaxing video games to help inspire you!

The games below are all very relaxing; perfect for a rainy day spent lying in bed. COVID-19 still has an influence on many businesses and schools, so you may find yourself with more spare time this fall too. Instead of staying home and being bored, stay home and play these video games!

Stardew Valley

An expansive farm in Stardew Valley, using the mulitplayer mode.
With a recent update, you can now play on a farm with friends!
  • Available on: Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox, iOS, Android
  • Price: $14.99

A farming simulation may not sound interesting, but Stardew Valley will make you change your mind. In this game, you play as a farmer living right outside Pelican Town. The farm you live on is very customizable; you can add buildings, decorations, and plants anywhere you want.

Stardew Valley is more than just farming though. There are tons of unique residents who live around town, and you can be friends with all of them. Players can have best friends, and even a spouse who will move into the farmhouse with you! Since there is no main ‘mission’, you can tackle each day however you want. Set personal goals and work on them throughout the day.

This game only costs $15, but there are hundreds of hours worth of content. There are tons of quests and new locations waiting to be explored. The music and sound effects in this game are beyond relaxing; each season has music that creates a calming atmosphere. There are no stressful situations and you can spend each day doing whatever you want to. 

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Play Animal Crossing with friends, helping you grow your island and move out of your little yellow tent.
Animal Crossing is the perfect game to play with friends
  • Available on: Nintendo Switch
  • Price: $59.99

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the newest title in the Animal Crossing series, which began back in 2001. Each game follows the same basic ‘plot’. The player moves to a new location, helping the community and making friends with residents. There is no real goal, leaving you to do whatever you want.

In New Horizons, players live on an island that is completely customizable, from décor and buildings to cliffs and rivers. The island you live on has 10 other residents who just really want to be your best friend. You can give them gifts, and sometimes they will run up to you with their own gifts.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a chill, charming life sim that puts you in control.

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Since there is no main storyline, you can spend hundreds of hours fishing or decorating – the choice is up to you. When I play New Horizons, I instantly feel relaxing while listening to the music that changes throughout the day. It’s easy to lose track of time when you are running around the island watering flowers and talking to residents.

Sims 4

Go out and meet the other Sims who live in the world; you could find your next big romance.
Stay home and build your Sims’ skill, or go out and party with townies
  • Available on: PC, PS4, Xbox
  • Price: between $5 and $30 (this game frequently goes on sale!)

Most people know about Sims, even if they haven’t played it. Like the previous 2 games, Sims doesn’t have much of a plot, everything is entirely up to the player. I have played Sims 1, 2, 3, and 4, along with many other spinoff games, and can say for sure that this is one of the most relaxing series I have come across.

Sims 4 lets the player become anything they want to be and create an endless number of houses and families. If you like creating a story in your head, then you can focus on gameplay. If you like building, you can spend most of your time designing amazing houses for your Sims to live in.

If the Sims 4 base game gets a little tiring, don’t worry! There are tons of expansion packs to choose from, which all also go on sale from time to time. The expansion packs can have new clothes, abilities, jobs, and even new towns for your Sims to explore.

Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland

Title screen of Atlelier, showing the cuteness of the game.
  • Available on: Nintendo Switch, PS3, PS4, Xbox, PC
  • Price: around $40

Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland was originally released in 2009 for the PlayStation 3. Since then, it has become available on other platforms, like the Nintendo Switch. Atelier is a series with a lot of different games, but if you are new to the series, this is the perfect one to start with.

In Atelier Rorona, players take on the role of Rorona, an alchemist in training. The game progresses over 3 years, and you have to complete different missions and quests that are given to you. Rorona needs to make different alchemy items, and the ingredients can be found in different locations around the world.

Gameplay showing a character in the game use a move to help Rorona defeat enemies.
Gameplay during a battle, showing your party and turn order

There is some combat in Atelier, but it’s honestly not that difficult. The main part of the game is being a cute girl, exploring different areas, foraging, and creating potions. Players won’t be stressed as they navigate the world, talking to friends and making potions. The game goes by fairly quickly, but the amount of games in the series make up for that.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Link looking out into the world, showing the beautiful landscape.
The scenery is breathtaking in BOTW; take some time to explore the land

Available on: Nintendo Switch, Wii U
Price: $59.99

Breath of the Wild is one of my favorite video games of all time. The game breaks away from other Legend of Zelda games to create an open world experience. If you’ve played other titles in the series, you know that they can be anything but relaxing. Breath of the Wild uses the open world to create a more relaxed environment.

As Link, players explore the world around them. There are enemies and bosses which aren’t too easy to defeat, but most of the time, you get to explore the area and avoid any enemies around. This game leaves combat completely up to the player. Instead of approaching an enemy and swinging your sword, you can throw bombs, make traps, or even just teleport away.

There is no time limit, and there are dozens of side-quests to complete. If you want to spend your time helping a villager design his own personal village, you can totally do that. The main quest to save Princess Zelda and Hyrule can be put to the side to help villagers with their own tasks.

Talking with Bolson in the game will trigger a quest to create your own house.
Opt to do a quest to build your own house; allowing you to store weapons and sleep at night

Like other games in the series, the music is amazing. When the first trailer for Breath of the Wild was released, Nintendo used a beautiful piano version of the series’ main theme. Even just thinking about it now is giving me goosebumps. Basically, the music is amazing and helps you relax as you run through the world.

If Breath of the Wild amazes you, prepare yourself for a sequel! In June 2019, Nintendo released a short trailer for a sequel. There is no additional news about the game, but it’s something to look forward to.


Minecraft has tons of different animals and enemies, with some of them dispalyed here.
The world of Minecraft is huge! Explore all the different biomes and all that inhabit them.

Like Sims, chances are you have already heard of Minecraft. This was my go-to relaxing game at the beginning of the COVID-19 quarantine. Minecraft is a true open world experience. There are no quests and you can build anything you want to. Players can explore endlessly, and use materials they find to build literally anything you can think of.

Since Minecraft has been around for a while, there are thousands of build inspirations to find online. There are tons of resources online to help you build. Minecraft can get a little scary if you run into a lot of enemies or venture into the Nether. Fortunately, you don’t have to do any of that. If you want to relax and build an epic castle, you can just do that. 

Minecraft infinitely generates the environment; there is no ‘edge of the map’. This made the game unique when first released; players can literally keep exploring forever with no limitations. Because the world is so expansive, you can build anything from a tiny little house to a gigantic, sprawling metropolis.

There are tons of other relaxing video games; these are just some of my favorites. Do you play any other relaxing video games not mentioned above? Comment some of your favorite relaxing video games!