Byron Bernstein, a notable Twitch streamer and WoW player, passed away on July 2nd, due to suicide. Here are a few career highlights in celebration of his life.

Byron Bernstein sitting and talking into a microphone
Byron “Reckful” Bernstein during a Twitch stream in 2020
From Twitch Media on YouTube

Reckful was 31 at the time of his passing, and he has accomplished many things. Starting out as one of the earliest Twitch streamers, Reckful amassed over 985,000 followers on Twitch. Byron was known mostly for his success in World of Worldcraft (WoW). In 2010, he placed 1st in the Major League Pro Circuit for WoW. Reckful released a WoW movie titled Reckful 3, which has almost 6 million views as of today. In 2011, Reckful 3 won the grand prize in a competition for the Top Skilled WoW movies. Reckful also managed to hold a Rank 1 in WoW online for 6 seasons in a row, and 7 seasons total.  

Reckful was also successful outside of WoW. In 2012, Reckful became a developer, operations manager, and concept designer at Feenix, a company that produced gaming mice. Byron also started his YouTube channel in October 2012, which has over 84 million views as of 2020. In 2018, Reckful began working on another MMO called Everland, which was scheduled to release sometime this year. It is unclear at this time when/if the game will be released without Reckful.

This is a screenshot from Everland, a project that Reckful was very passionate about.

Reckful had been battling depression for some time and was very open with his community on Twitch about it. Reckful also started a podcast, called Tea Time with Byron, in 2018. Though the podcasts stopped after November of that year (and only recently picked back up in January), Byron spoke with big names in gaming (such as xQc, Pokimane, and Ice Poseidon) on a variety of life-related topics, including mental illness.  

Reckful, despite battling depression, had so many notable accomplishments that can’t be quantified. His friendships with other streamers and relationships with fans have inspired and will continue to inspire, many. His passing has left a void in the streaming community, as friends, family, and fans are still trying to process the loss.

In his time on Earth, Reckful managed to affect many lives positively. This was demonstrated perfectly by the massive amount of people in WoW who showed up to an in-game memorial for Byron. From all of us at Game Aroono, we are deeply troubled by the news and wish his family, friends, and fans well as they navigate the difficult process of grief.

Many fans came together to celebrate Reckful on WoW.

If you or someone you love are suffering from suicidal ideation, please reach out. Call 1-800-273-8255, or visit this website in order to get help. You are not alone in these thoughts, and there are plenty of people that would love to help you. For ways to get involved and help those suffering from mental illness, please visit this website. Above all, remember to be kind today. You might just save someone’s life.