Ubisoft’s Far Cry series has been around for 16 years. They released Far Cry 5 in 2018, so if you’re wondering if it’s worth your time, keep reading!

Far Cry 5 promotional art with an american flag and text that says "Gold Edition"
Far Cry 5 is a worthy addition to the series.
Photo From Epic Games Store

I started playing Far Cry when I was young. My favorite is the first game, but the fifth one is a close second. The game keeps you on your toes, keeps you occupied with the game missions, and offers a load of extra game items.

Far Cry 5 has a Deputy as the primary character who found their way to rural Montana. They based the game on real-world Christian cult experiences. Rick Alan Ross worked with Ubisoft, building the game with his research.

The best thing about Far Cry 5 that I want to mention is the crystal clear graphics. I have never seen a game capture up-close features and visuals so well. The colors are beautiful.  Some times, the strobe effects on the screen affected my eyes, but Far Cry 5 did an excellent job with the game graphics/details.

Screenshot from Far Cry 5; characters are shooting at one another, with a rural town in the background
A glimpse of FarCry 5’s Gameplay
Photo From Steam

The Seed family, which controls Montana, separated into three regions. The family includes Joseph, Jacob, John, and Faith. In the game, they call themselves “Eden’s Gate” and manufacture a drug called “Bliss.” The family uses this on the county people so they listen to their ideologies. They brainwashed society to think their new order is acceptable, so you work to abolish it.

One of my favorite aspects of Far Cry 5 is the added allies. You can add up to three in missions. In the game, they each come with different perks. This can make missions easier or change the way you play, depending on who you pick.

Loading screen on Far Cry 5 with a quote from the Book of Revelation, Chapter 5 Verse 1 and 2
Joseph Seed from Far Cry 5
Photo From Kennyannydenny on MobyGames

In addition, the game takes a while to beat. Nothing is worse than paying money for a game that you beat in two hours! All the more time to think up a review on it too. It’s fun driving around in the game and doing the side missions to kill time and learn more about Hope County.

Spoiler Warning for the End of Far Cry 5

The only downfall of Far Cry 5 is the ending. The game had a huge capstone between beating the brothers and sister. It comes time to kill “The Father,” aka Joseph, and there’s no way of doing that.

Game endings include:

  • the world getting nuked
  • the Deputy walks away
  • at the beginning of the game, you choose not to start your mission at all

This was an enormous letdown. The game was enjoyable until that point. You work up to this final moment of giving “The Father” what he deserves, and yet, the game won’t let you. I felt like it was a gigantic waste of time.

Overall, Far Cry 5 impressed me with its added features and great graphics. Honestly, the only letdown was the end of the game. Other than that, I highly recommend that you check the game out! Let me know what you thought of Far Cry 5 in the comments!