Apple is not new to controversy. Their biggest controversy involves assertions that Apple intentionally slowed down older iPhones. Critics accused Apple of doing this to pressure users into buying the latest models. These claims sparked many lawsuits. Since 2017, Apple has denied any wrongdoing. However, Apple has given credit to the claims after agreeing to settle for up to $500 million in a recent lawsuit.

Green version of the new iPhone 11. Announced prior to Apple's agreement to settle their lawsuit.
Green version of the new iPhone 11. Announced prior to Apple’s agreement to settle their lawsuit.
Image Credit: Pocket-lint

Claims that Apple slowed older iPhones were around for long before 2017. However, that is when they gained new traction after Apple publicly apologized for the practice. In a now-deleted statement, Apple claimed that its goal was always to make “iPhones last as long as possible.” Apple asserted that they needed to slow the iOS of older phones to preserve fading batteries.

Unfortunately for Apple, many did not accept the explanation. Since then, Apple has been under a slew of criticism and lawsuits. One of the largest was a class-action lawsuit from the U.S.

Apple has since settled that lawsuit. The settlement called for Apple to pay consumers at least $25 per iPhone. It covered owners of any variation of the iPhone 6 and 7 that ran iOS 10.2.1 or later. The minimum payout for Apple was $310 million. However Apple could pay up to $500 million.

The affected iPhone users may not see all the money, however. The plaintiffs’ legal team are searching for up to $93 million dollars in legal fees. That is 30% of the $310 million. The legal team is also requesting up to $1.5 million for expenses.

Despite the choice to settle the lawsuit, Apple maintains its innocence. Apple claimed that they only agreed to the settlement “to eliminate the burdens, distractions, expense, and uncertainty of protracted litigation.”

Regardless, many saw the lawsuit settlement as an admission of guilt from Apple. Either way, most were just glad that Apple would stop slowing older phones. Hopefully, Apple will stay out of trouble from now on.

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