In 2019, Valve banned Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen from participating in any Valve events, since one of Jamppi’s accounts from when he was 14 years old had received a VAC ban. Jamppi had been an up-and-coming Finnish Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player. However, following his VAC ban, he has missed several tournaments and opportunities. Jamppi continued to defend his innocence and even tried to sue Valve. Unfortunately, the CS:GO pro sued the wrong Valve corporation, prolonging the controversy.

Olkkonenin a professional CS:GO tournament prior to the Valve controversy.
Jamppi in a professional CS:GO tournament prior to the Valve controversy.
Photo Credit: Dreamhack.

Controversy sent the CS:GO community into disarray after Valve’s anti-cheat systems (VAC) banned an account under Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen’s name. Such bans are not particularly rare in the community. Nearly 20 pro players have received VAC bans. However, none of those cases were as controversial as Jamppi’s.

That is because Jamppi had apparently not used the banned account since he was 14 years old. Jamppi claimed that he had given the account to a friend in 2015 and had not used it since. Many people believed that Valve should not hold a 14-year-old Jamppi to the same standards as the adult players. Jason O’Toole, a CS:GO commentator, even defended Jamppi in a tweet. He called the entire topic “shameful.”

However, Valve has not seemed to budge. They are maintaining a zero-tolerance policy with VAC bans. Supporters of Valve defend the company’s stance. Many people believe that a lift on Jamppi’s ban could set an example for other players. Younger players may think they could cheat without repercussions.

Since the VAC ban, Jamppi appears to have missed several opportunities. Jamppi had a prospective contract with OG, a large CS:GO team. However, negotiations with OG fell apart. Jamppi claimed that the negotiations failed after OG learned that Jamppi had a VAC banned account.

The CS:GO team allegedly does not include Jamppi because of the Valve controversy.
OG’s roster. The CS:GO team allegedly does not include Jamppi because of the Valve controversy.
Image Credit: OG

Since then, Jamppi had been in back-and-forth negotiations with Valve. Jamppi provided all the evidence that he had. However, Valve refused to respond to the CS:GO controversy. As a last resort, Jamppi sued Valve to save his career.

Unfortunately for Jamppi, the lawsuit did not go well. That is because Jamppi and his legal team sued the wrong “Valve.” The CS:GO pro apparently sued Valve GmbH, who was not involved in the controversy. Valve GmbH is a subsidiary of the Valve Corporation and is not involved in VAC bans.

The news is not all bad for Jamppi. ENCE, a long-standing CS:GO team, recently signed a contract with him. The CS:GO team has also vowed to stand up for Jamppi against Valve amid the controversy. ENCE defended Jamppi, saying that the ban was “far too steep.”

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