Sim Guru Conor, joined by Gurus Ninja and Sarah, broadcast a Twitch livestream on July 22 to promote the new features of  The Sims 4: Nifty Knitting stuff pack. Here’s what you missed!

A screencap of a Sims room decorated with new items from the Nifty Knitting stuff pack.
Look at all the cool new items from the Nifty Knitting Twitch livestream!

Like I discussed in my previous articleThe Sims 4: Nifty Knitting will release on July 28, 2020, for all platforms – PC, Xbox, and Playstation. I didn’t know before this Twitch livestream that this is the first stuff pack the Sims team has made from home! It makes sense they had to do it this way because of quarantine, but that makes the pack even more unique. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Nifty Knitting‘s Knitting Skill

The livestream showed an in-depth look at the Nifty Knitting pack’s primary focus – the knitting skill! Our sims will knit beanies, socks, sweaters, toddler/baby onesies, toys, and decorations. There’s also a convenient “locked/unlocked” icon next to the menu items so you can keep track of what you’ve made before.

Like most skills in the game, the knitting skill included in Nifty Knitting is a 10 level skill. Sim Guru Conor commented that he wanted the items to craft at a realistic pace – something that didn’t take forever but didn’t come together instantly, either. Our sims can learn the knitting skill as early as their childhood.

To make knitted items, you don’t have to buy yarn. The simoleons it would cost to “buy yarn” automatically deducts from household funds with each new knitting project. Sims with the superior knitting skill can show others how to knit with the “Teach to Knit” interaction. Plus, anywhere our sims can sit, they can knit!

A screencap showing the crafting menu sims use when knitting items, specifically showing beanie options
Just a glimpse of all the knit items our sims can make with Nifty Knitting!

Nifty Knitting‘s Build Mode Items

The Sims team did an excellent job bringing the community voted items to life. There are lots of cute pastel swatches for desks, rocking chairs, and wall decorations. Knit items like poufs are usable as seats for our sims, and children and toddlers can play with knit toys like Yarny and Lil’ Grim.

We finally will have hanging plants in-game thanks to Nifty Knitting! Our sims can knit hanging plant holders to place around their homes in small, medium, and long cord length depending on how close to or far away they want it from the ceiling. Plus, if you have The Sims 4: Cats and Dogs expansion pack and leave the knitting basket on the ground, your sims’ cats will pull out yarn balls and bat them around – so cute!

Nifty Knitting also brings the moment we’ve all been waiting for: the return of the rocking chair! Kids and toddlers have the exclusive “Play With Rocking Chair” option, while Elders have the “Reminisce” option. However, much to my dismay, sims cannot rock babies or toddlers like they used to in previous Sims games.

A screencap of the livestream showing all of the items that can be knit and used in game.
I’m in love with those hanging plants!

Nifty Knitting‘s Create-a-Sim Items

Sims with the knitting skill can make exclusive, unlockable items in the create-a-sim catalog. Hats, scarves, sweaters, onesies, and socks are all inventory only, craftable items our sims can wear. Once our sims craft an item (or purchase it from Plopsy,) it’s available in that specific color swatch in CAS. To unlock more colors, simply buy or knit more clothing items!

There’s also a unique sweater only master knitters can make: The Forbidden Sweater. When gifted, this sweater will wreak itchy havoc on the recipient! Plus, depending on the sim’s mood while crafting, CAS items will either be “Good” or “Fail” quality. The sim with the unlucky opportunity to wear the “Fail” quality item gets to live in an itchy nightmare!

However, never fear if you want to play with all the unlockable CAS items immediately. Instead of building up your sims’ knitting skill and unlocking each item and color swatch, there’s a cheat code to unlock it all automatically: “cas.unlockbytag SP17” will bring you all your knit clothing dreams! Also, for those with The Sims 4: Seasons expansion, all new clothing items work as “Cold Weather” clothing options!

A screencap showing the many different colors that rocking chairs can come in Nifty Knitting.
There are so many color swatches for the rocking chairs!

Base Game Patch Update Before Nifty Knitting

Before a new Sims pack releases, there’s a base game update to ensure the new pack runs as smoothly as possible. The update set to release before Nifty Knitting comes with two notable aspects. First, a new redesign of an old favorite, and second, the Sims team finally serves #JusticeForCowplants.

If you’re like me and watch many Sims YouTube channels, you know everyone’s go-to light when building is the “Subtle Saucer.” This light is perfect for keeping rooms well lit and accurately seeing color swatches, but every simmer has to size it down to make it unnoticeable in-game. But with the new patch, we’re getting a free, smaller version of the light to use seamlessly in builds!

Also, coming with this patch is #JusticeForCowplants. Those in the Sims community know that lilsimsie has been a significant advocate in the moo-vement to name Cowplants in-game. And now, the Sims team has given us an option to do so. They even gave lilsimsie a cheeky shout-out during the livestream!

A screencap showing how to name a Cowplant, this one being named "Little Simzee"
Little Simzee – now who does that sound like? 🤔

If you want to see the full Sims‘ livestream on Twitch, click here. Is The Sims 4: Nifty Knitting living up to your expectations? Is it knot? Let us know in the comments!

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