Facebook has recently announced that it will end support for its Oculus Go. Facebook also announced that after the Oculus Go, they will only produce VR headsets that register directional movement.

Facebook's Oculus Go VR headset
Facebook’s Oculus Go VR headset. One of the most popular entry-level headsets.
Image Credit: Oculus

Two years ago, Facebook announced its new Oculus Go headset. The Oculus Go was a cheap alternative to other all-in-one headsets. All-in-one headsets do not require any external hardware or wires. These made the Oculus one of the most popular options for people who wanted more than just a VR capable phone, but didn’t want to break the bank.

However, the Oculus Go’s low cost meant that it was lacking on some technical fronts. The Oculus Go only featured three dimensions of freedom (3DoF). 3DoF means that the headset only registers when the user rotates their head.

Diagram featuring the difference between Facebook's headset 3DoF versus 6DoF.
Six degrees of freedom register positional movement in addition to the three degrees of head rotation.
Image Credit: VirtualSpeech

More advanced headsets feature six degrees of freedom (6DoF). 6DoF headsets register head rotations and positional movement. Facebook has already released the Oculus Quest, which senses both head rotations and changes in physical location. The Oculus Quest is also an all-in-one headset.

Facebook is likely discontinuing the Oculus Go to promote the Oculus Quest. In a company post, Oculus stated that “6DOF feels like the future of VR.” They will, therefore, focus entirely on 6DoF headsets. Facebook will not be releasing any new 3DoF options.

Many fans on the announcement supported this move, calling 3DoF a “dead-end” and “barebones.” However, a few Oculus Go owners were not happy. Some people felt disappointed that Facebook will not continue to support the Oculus Go after 2022. Since the Oculus Go is relatively new, some think that Facebook should support it for longer than just four years total.

Others were requesting a “trade-in” option for the Oculus Go. This would allow current owners a reduced the price for an upgrade. However, such a policy seems unlikely at this point in time.

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