We’re back in Hope County, where everything is flipped upside down. Again. Let’s dive into what Far Cry: New Dawn offers with gameplay, graphics, and characters.

A Review Of FarCry New Dawn: Best and Worst Parts
Wait. Is that Joseph?

Ubisoft’s Far Cry games have been on and off for me for years. If I didn’t like the trailer, I wouldn’t get the game. As soon as I knew Far Cry: New Dawn picked up where Far Cry 5 left off, I couldn’t put my controller down. There will be some SPOILERS in the article. Don’t read if you want to play Far Cry: New Dawn spoiler-free!

Far Cry: New Dawn: Gameplay

Let’s unpack the gameplay. Your character is a captain sent to save townspeople that survived the nuclear bomb in Far Cry 5New Dawn opens with you on a train leaving town, and that’s where things head south. The train gets smashed, leaving everyone to die except three essential people: Carmina Rye, Rush (your partner), and you!

Mickey and Lou run Hope County. To say they’re a handful is an understatement. They don’t like that you’ve come in changing their town. New Dawn picks up the pace with 22 story missions based on defeating these twins and their highwaymen. The worst part is how difficult they are to beat in the game.

You can only play New Dawn one time through, so it’s best to do everything you plan to (side missions, etc.) before the last battle. Your character can explore the world after, but cannot play story missions for Far Cry: New Dawn again.

Screenshot from the game Far Cry: New Dawn
Look at the detail!
Photo by リカルド・フィリペ on MobyGames

Far Cry: New Dawn: Graphics

They covered Far Cry: New Dawn in fluorescent colors. Hot pink is enormous in this game. The best part of New Dawn is the detail they put into the graphics. Your player could be so close highwaymen you could see the detail on their helmet. It’s insane. Being able to master these minor details makes a game for me and Far Cry has really stepped it up the past few games.

I loved how they made the greenery brighter in Far Cry. I loved all the added color to the game, especially because Hope County was so bland (due to it being run down by peggies) before. Far Cry: New Dawn has brighter, striking graphics when looking at the newly designed cult outposts. Each car, gun, and outfit had a fresh design of symbols, as pictured in the picture above.

New Dawn takes place in Hope County, so my favorite aspect was roaming and seeing the difference in the graphics. Far Cry 5 had darker, focused up-close graphics when looking at wildlife and greenery. Far Cry 5 had some customization, like the American flag. But there were a lot more slight details in New Dawn.

Far Cry: New Dawn: Characters

Now, onto my favorite part. All the specialist characters you meet! I will focus on the ones that can play with you in the game and a few other important people.

My favorite specialist was Nana. Throughout the game, she calls you “kiddo” and has impressive sniper skills that add to your game! My least favorite had to be Carmina, she’s a skillful fighter but rushes into the battle when I prefer to sneak around the premises first.

A screenshot from Far Cry: New Dawn
Your specialists can fight these types of beasts in Far Cry: New Dawn!
Photo by リカルド・フィリペ on MobyGames
Carmina RyeDaughter of Kim and Nick Rye (yes, from Far Cry 5!) She has a hunger for defeating the twins.
TimberA companion that will stick by your side in New Dawn and help you with pesky highwaymen.
HoratioOh Horatio, you gigantic beast. Thank you for slamming those idiots in Far Cry for me!
NanaTakes over Grace Armstrong’s place as best sniper and calls you “kiddo” while comforting you with her deadly aim.
HurkHurk changes a lot from Far Cry 5 – He wants revenge.
The JudgeThis character was the most surprising to run into because they’re actually the sheriff from Far Cry 5. They have gone mute and helped in the reformation of New Eden.
GinaHurk’s loving wife in New Dawn who loves giant guns and killing.
Pastor JeromeOne of my favorites from Far Cry 5! He helped a lot with the story missions in the last game, so seeing him in battle is fun!

As you can tell, many characters have returned from the previous game. We know how the sheriff survives by the ending of Far Cry 5. How the rest survived is up to your interpretation, but I love how they added back these characters!

Screenshot of Far Cry: New Dawn and its impeccable scenery.
Far Cry: New Dawn and its impeccable scenery.
Photo by リカルド・フィリペ on MobyGames

One principal character you meet again is Joseph Seed, which makes more sense in New Dawn after playing Far Cry 5. He is on a new path to correct his ways but still believes God’s will controls him. Your character is supposedly his Shepard, which infuriates his son, Ethan. These characters play a huge role in New Dawn.

I’ll leave the ending up to you to find out. Let’s see if New Dawn has closure this time. Let me know what you think of Far Cry: New Dawn in the comments!