Last week, Japanese journalist Zenji Nishikawa teased a “scoop” that would be “revolutionary” for the gaming industry. Later, Nishikawa also revealed that it was coming from Sega. Many disappointed fans thought Sega’s new Game Gear Micro failure was the major announcement. However, Dr. Serkan Toto has now disclosed other information. On Twitter, Toto revealed that Sega’s new “fog gaming” was the big news. Here is everything that we know about fog gaming from Sega.

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What are your thoughts on fog gaming?
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Fog gaming will mimic cloud gaming, but with arcade games. Cloud gaming is not an unknown technology. Services like PlayStation Now and Stadia have been using it for years. You pay cloud gaming services for the usage of their servers and the game displays on whatever device you are using. Cloud gaming is great for those on a budget. However, current cloud gaming services have notable issues, the largest of which is latency.

Fog Gaming and Latency

Cloud gaming generally only uses a few giant servers. Since there are so few servers, most people are very far away from them. Having a sizable distance between the gamer and server is one of the primary causes of latency. With fog gaming, Sega is working to fix that issue.

Sega’s big fix for latency problems is to utilize its Japanese arcade machines as servers. Since Sega already has many arcade machines throughout Japan, fog gaming users will rarely be far from a machine. This means that there will be less distance between the gamer and server. The result should be faster gaming and less latency. The only problem is that it seems fog gaming will be exclusive to Japan, at least for now.

Arcade game leaderboard that would be used in for Sega's Fog Gaming.
What do you think of Sega’s fix to latency issues?
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We know that Sega intends to use the CPUs and GPUs currently in arcade machines. This may cause issues since the current CPUs and GPUs aren’t very advanced. However, Sega still hasn’t stated how they will utilize them, so it’s difficult to say if Sega’s fog gaming will work well or not.

Fog gaming would allow gamers to play arcade games at home on their own devices. It would also allow gamers to play while the arcades are closed. These address the main issues that many arcades and their gamers have been facing during the quarantine. Fog gaming should benefit all parties, especially Sega. Let’s just hope Sega expands fog gaming outside of Japan!

What do you think about Sega’s new fog gaming? Do you like the idea? Is it better than the recent Game Gear Micro announcement? Why or why not? Leave a comment below, and remember to keep coming back for more gaming news and information.