I’m sure you know we have a lot of talented authors on our team, and a lot of recent ones that have come on board since we opened this section of Aroono! Read some of the articles below that you may have missed this week and see what we’re talking about.

7 Articles You May Have Missed This Week

From PC Games, to Console games we have many gamers that love writing in this section. Our passion for games is exceptional to behold, and we love sharing it with you. We plan on giving reviews from old to new games, and keeping up on gaming news as well as making sure you’re on top of all things games.

Check out some of these articles from last week that you may have missed!

From City of Heroes to Elder Scrolls Online, to racing games, we have it all covered! We may be a budding section that is just starting out, but we are rocking and rolling so far in the content department and finding that we really enjoy sharing our passion with you. Delve into these articles and find interesting opinions on the games, or reviews that you may not have seen before now.

Did you know that City of Heroes was back? Did you know the top 5 racing games out there? Did you know about ROBLOX and it’s Piggy and Bacon game? If you didn’t, that’s what we’re here for! Gaming reviews, news and events that will bring a bit of spark into your day and let us enjoy talking about it.

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