Minecraft has announced that they will release a new cereal, “Creeper Crunch,” in August. Each box will also have codes for unique items in-game.

A box of Minecraft's new cereal from Kellogg's.
Minecraft’s new cereal from Kellogg’s.
Image Credit: GamingTrend

Creepy Cereal Coming Soon

Kellogg’s Creeper Crunch will hit shelves in about a month. Each box will feature a random prize from one of ten in-game clothing items. The new Minecraft cereal is likely aimed at Minecraft’s young community. Creeper Crunch will only be available for a limited time.

Creeper Crunch seems to share many similarities with Lucky Charms. Lucky Charms consists of two parts: the grain bits and marshmallows. The marshmallows are iconic, featuring many unique shapes that children and parents love. For reference, there are marshmallow rainbows, hearts, balloons, stars, horseshoes, moons, clovers, and even unicorns.

The Minecraft cereal takes that same marshmallow idea but gives it a new twist. The marshmallows in Creeper Crunch will be a bunch of green cubes. Kellogg’s has named the green cubes, “creeper bits.” The cereal also mixes things up by adding cinnamon to the grain bits. The cinnamon flavor is likely to make the bland grain bits more appealing than traditional Lucky Charms.

Lucky Charm cereal marshmallows
The shapes of Lucky Charm’s marshmallows, replaced by green cubes in Minecraft’s new cereal.
Image Credit: Garnish and Glaze

Cereal Prizes for the Modern Age

Another notable aspect of the Creeper Crunch cereal is the prizes. Each new cereal box will come with one of ten Minecraft prizes- a unique in-game clothing item. These clothing items usually cost money, so collecting the cereal prizes could save a few bucks.

Unfortunately, Creeper Crunch will only be available in the United States. Kellogg’s has not made any statement about why. However, many of Minecraft’s operations happen in the US. Events like Minecon have also always taken place in the US, for example, which may help to explain the U.S.-exclusivity of the cereal.

It is also possible that Kellogg’s was hesitant to release the new Minecraft cereal in Europe because of its name. Most people know a “creeper” as an enemy in Minecraft. However, in a select few areas, “creeper” is slang. In that context, “creeper” usually refers to stalkers. It is synonymous with a “creep.” Kellogg’s would obviously try to avoid that misinterpretation. This is especially true with the “creeper bits” marshmallows.

If you are planning on buying the cereal, you will want to do so quickly. Creeper Crunch will only be available for a limited time. However, if it does become popular, the new Minecraft cereal might stay around for a little longer. If not, Minecraft’s new Creeper Crunch cereal might become a collector’s item.

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