Last Monday, Nintendo revealed Min Min as the first Fighters Pass 2 character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. That only leaves 5 slots. These are my top 5 picks!

Min Min, a character from ARMS, performing a kick.
Min Min celebrates a hard-fought victory into Fighters Pass 2 for Smash Ultimate.
Credit: Ace Kim

It was disappointing when Smash Ultimate banished all of ARMS to the Sticker Realm. For all of its faults, the ARMS roster of fighters was so unique. However, I’m glad that this underappreciated Switch game will finally receive some love in the Smash Ultimate Fighters Pass 2. I can’t wait to play Min Min when she enters the fight on June 29th.

From past Smash selections, the doors are still open for third-party fighters. The third-party fighters are always the characters that excite me the most. I’ll never forget the surprise Joker reveal at the Game Awards 2018 – one fan even suffered from hype overload.

Now I’m feeling the hype all over again. If any of these characters become fighters in Smash Ultimate, you might want to stay far away for a while!

Character #5: Sora (Kingdom Hearts)

Sora, a character in Kingdom Hearts, standing with Donald Duck and Goofy.
Sora, with his Disney pals, would make great additions to the Fighters Pass 2.
Credit: BagoGames

Full disclosure: I’ve only played the OG Kingdom Hearts and a handful of 2. I know, it’s a sin I plan to change this year!

Regardless, adding Sora to the Fighters Pass 2 would be just as exciting as Joker. Of course, Sora’s keyblade mimics sword-fighting, but he isn’t a complete hack and slash character. His various keyblades found throughout the series would allow for ranged attacks, too.

Sora’s Limit attacks contain some devastating blows and killer animations that would be right at home in the Smash universe. Limits would also make a great excuse to include Goofy and Donald Duck. I don’t know about you, but that puts a smile on my face. Including any of these characters as fighters- Sora, Goofy, or Donald Duck, would be an excellent crossover that I’m sure many fans will love.

Character #4: Paper Mario

Super Paper Mario with paper Mario, a character from the series, in the foreground. Also features Paper Peach, Paper Luigi, and Paper Bowser in the background.
Paper Mario’s inclusion in the Fighters Pass 2 is long overdue.
Credit: Manuel Sagra

Yes, Smash Ultimate has plenty of Mario characters. But it doesn’t have Paper Mario as one of the fighters. With the new Paper Mario: The Origami King arriving this August, now is the perfect time to include this character in Smash Ultimate roster.

Like the RPG mechanics of the series, some of his Smash Ultimate attacks could be time-based. A well-timed input would promise deadlier damage from this character. This would distinguish him from being a general Mario clone. Paper Mario’s signature hammer would also be perfect for smash attacks.

If anything, Paper Mario’s crumpled paper animations in Smash Ulitmate would be an absolute joy to witness.

Character #3: Tifa Lockhart (Final Fantasy VII)

Tifa Lockheart character from the FInal Fantasy Series
Tifa had some of the best gameplay in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Imagine if she were a playable character in Smash Ultimate!
Photo Credit: Square Enix

When I played Final Fantasy VII Remake back in April, I immediately wanted Tifa in a fighting game like Smash. Remove the RPG mechanics, and Tifa’s close-combat design suits Smash Ultimate.

Like Ryu, Tifa would be a more combo-oriented character than her Smash peers. Success with her character depends on how well the player inputs chains like Starshower-into-Uppercut-into-Overdrive. Sure, she’d be one of the more difficult fighters to master, but land a combo and watch as the enemy’s health soars. I’d love to see Materia builds included in Smash Ultimate, too.

Besides, Cloud is already part of the Smash Ultimate roster. It wouldn’t be a stretch to include Tifa as one of the fighters, right?

Character #2: Tracer (Overwatch)

Tracer, an Overwatch character, in her signature suit.
This Overwatch mascot would be perfect in Smash Ultimate.
Credit: Matias Pedersen

Tracer operates best as a fast, light, and aggressive fighter. She isn’t afraid to get in the opponent’s face. Her Overwatch abilities are easily transferable to Smash Ultimate.

Of course, Tracer uses pulse pistols as her primary weapon. Her Blink ability grants an aggressive play style to allow close-range spray. But if Tracer needs to escape, she can use Rewind to teleport away. This would be especially useful for off-stage aerials in Smash Ultimate. While most fighters require careful precision, Tracer’s Rewind grants mobile advantage. All of these abilities would provide a fresh fighting style in Smash Ultimate.

It’s not present in Overwatch, but I imagine Tracer would have some quick leg jabs in Smash Ultimate, if only for additional tilt attacks.

Character #1: Geralt of Rivia (The Witcher 3)

Geralt, a character from the Witcher 3.
If Geralt stares you down – run! (Especially if he is one of the fighters in Smash Ultimate)
Credit: Vicky (CodeClaire)

It’s not every day a current-gen game gets the portable treatment. Even if The Witcher 3 Switch port isn’t the best experience, it’s still an impressive tech achievement. So what better excuse than to invite Geralt of Rivia into the Fighters Pass 2 for Smash Ultimate?

What would be Geralt’s most useful moves in Smash Ultimate? One word: Signs.

First, Geralt’s Aard Sign. It pushes enemies away, which is useful for ground control and edge-guarding. I can’t even count how many times a quick Aard helped me escape Drowner hordes in the base game. Imagine how useful it could be in Smash Bros. Ultimate!

As someone who shamelessly purchased The Witcher 3 four times, maybe I’m biased. But no other potential Smash Ultimate character excites me more than the White Wolf. (Okay, Ciri would be a dope character, too.)

There are dozens of characters that deserve a spot in the Fighters Pass 2, but only a handful will make the cut. What are your top 5 choices for the remaining slots in Smash Ultimate?