Mojang, the creators of Minecraft, have recently come out with an update for console users. Let’s dive in and see what exciting things the game has now!

Picture of the new items in the Minecraft Nether Update
What’s your favorite feature from the update?
Image From Mojang

To start, I noticed from the last beta update that gamers could find “broken” nether portals in the game. It was like the Nether was slowly coming into the gamer’s world. The Nether has a lot to offer to players, so now you can explore a lot more with this update.

New Nether Biomes

The Nether’s original purpose was to venture into the underworld and find more objects, mobs, and explore Nether Fortresses. I enjoyed finding the materials to make the portal by venturing into the unknown caves to collect Obsidian and Flint and Steel.

In the new beta Nether update, Minecraft has quite a few exciting features now. These include structures and biomes added in the Nether. Minecraft now has a Basalt Delta, Crimson Forest, Nether Wastes, Soul Sand Valley, and a Warped Forest. A bunch of new blocks, mobs, armor, and tools are in the game now too!

A Piglin and Hoglin in the Minecraft Nether Update
A Piglin and Hoglin in the game!
Image From Mojang

New Nether Mobs

Hoglins and Striders are also new mobs added in the Minecraft Beta update. Hoglins are dangerous, so approach them with caution. Striders can walk in lava and are the only non-aggressive mob in the Nether. Players can also ride Striders with a saddle across lava. However, keeping Striders by your side is hard since they like to roam. Stay close to Striders when you venture into the Nether!

Another thing to note with this Beta update is that Pigmen and Piglins fight each other! This situation is pleasant for players who are trying to avoid conflict. Try to get these two mobs in the same room, and there will be an entire battle! They may try to kill you after, but if you are quick enough, you can avoid it!

A skeleton surrounded by Soul Sand and Soul Fire
Soul sand and Soul fire in the game!
Image From Mojang

New Nether Crafting Materials

My favorite part of the update to Minecraft was the wood we can build with. Minecraft now has crimson wood! It’s a rich, coppery red and brown wood that players can use to build forts on the fly mid-battle or take back with them when they travel home. I’m really excited to use it!

Players also have material more durable than diamond, Netherite. Players must quest to salvage the mineral from ancient debris since the Piglins (a new mob) mined it all! Amongst other things, players can explore ruins hidden all over the Nether and find some loot the Piglins have been keeping.

Another one of my favorite parts was the Soul features. It’s blue fire crafted from coal, a stick, and Soul sand. Players can now make Soul fire, torches, and lanterns. This minor feature is a cool way to spice up the lighting in your bases!

This update adds more depth than the usual red catastrophe players see when going into the Nether. I think Mojang thought this update through and made it fun! I just started another world, so I’m excited to add all these features to my game. If you play Minecraft, did you like this update? Let us know in the comments!