Tetris Mobile is getting some impressive features. Most notably, however, the app has added Tetris Primetime. It has a $5,000 prize pool with different payouts.

Millen Baird, the host of the mobile Tetris tournament.
Millen Baird, the host of the Tetris Mobile tournament.
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Fresh Features for Tetris Mobile

With its newest update, Tetris Mobile added many fresh features. Prior to the update, single-player Tetris was the only game mode on the app. Now, there are four different modes to choose from. These include Tetris Solo, Tetris with Friends, Tetris Royale, and Tetris Primetime.

Tetris Solo and Tetris Royale are variations of Tetris that are already very popular. Tetris Solo is the classic game mode. You play alone, trying to beat your high score. Tetrises and t-spins get you the most points. The game ends when your pieces reach the top of the screen.

Tetris Royale is similar to Tetris 99, although less complicated. In Tetris Royale, you are in a lobby with up to 99 other players. You play a game of Tetris against those players, all getting identical pieces. The last player left alive is the winner. Unlike Tetris 99, there are no “attacks” or “targeting.” You just play regular Tetris until you top out.

Tetris with Friends is almost exactly the same as Tetris Royale. The only difference is that you can choose who is in the lobby. You can invite friends or relatives to play against each other.

Tetris Primetime tournament prize draws on Tetris Mobile.
Tetris Primetime tournament prize draws on Tetris Mobile.
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Cash Prizes for Tetris Primetime

Tetris Primetime is the most notable addition to the app. Tetris Primetime is a daily tournament on Tetris Mobile. You complete challenges of increasing difficulty. As you complete each challenge, you receive an entry into a prize pool. As the challenges get harder, the money pools get bigger. Beating the first challenge will usually get you an entry into a $5 prize pool. However, if you beat all the challenges, you will get an entry into a $25 prize pool.

The most money available will require more than just completing the challenges. The most profitable prize pools require high scores. You must compete against people in your area. If you get a Tetris Primetime score within the top hundred, you earn a spot in a $100 prize draw. However, if you get the top three, you earn one of just three spots in the $500 prize draw.

The only requirements to win are that you are over 18 years old. Tetris Mobile will send payments through Paypal. The app will notify winners within 24 hours of their victory and will send the payments within three days.

In total, Tetris Mobile will hand out $5,000 a day for the tournament. There are also over 500 winners each day. Do you have what it takes to be one of them? Will you be trying it out? Let me know in the comments, and good luck! Don’t forget to subscribe to the Aroono newsletter for updated content. Also, please consider donating to our Kickstarter to help Aroono grow.