On Thursday, Nintendo announced a series of updates for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The first of these “waves” will be available on July 3rd. Here are three reasons why we can’t wait for the update!

Animal Crossing New Horizons logo on blue background with text: "Free Update" below that "Starting July 3, 2020"
July 3rd can’t come quick enough!
Image from Nintendo

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has done a great job of keeping the game fresh. Seasonal events, holiday bonuses, and new characters are features of New Horizons that keep fans playing. Their Summer update seems like it will be the most exciting one yet!

Let’s dive into the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Summer Update!

1. Swimming/Diving

One thing that has always bummed me out, personally, is the fact that our characters couldn’t explore the vast ocean surrounding our islands! There seemed to be so much out there, and yet, my islanders were stuck roaming the same grounds.

From a game developer standpoint, New Horizons handled this perfectly. If players had been allowed to explore the ocean from the beginning, it could have been overwhelming. It was challenging enough to focus on all of the Nook Miles quests, filling up the museum, and cleaning up the island. Players had plenty to do without adding ocean exploration to the mix.

However, I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t run along the shores of my island, wondering why New Horizons didn’t let us explore the ocean. I’m glad the New Horizons team didn’t make us wait any longer!

It looks like players will be able to collect new sea creatures by diving, including sea stars, anemones, eels, and scallops! Although I’ve never played Animal Crossing: New Leaf personally, this was apparently a feature in that game as well. By using a wet suit, players could dive into the ocean while watching out for jellyfish that serve as obstacles. It makes you wonder- will there also be jellyfish in New Horizons? Are they going to introduce more obstacles for players? We’ll find out soon enough.

AC: New Horizons character standing next to the ocean.
I can’t wait to be able to explore the ocean surrounding my New Horizons island!
Image from author

2. New Encounters

From what we currently know, there are two new encounters. Well, one and a new costume. Let me explain!

Gulliver is a seagull that sometimes washes up on your island. He usually wears a sailor’s outfit. In the New Horizons update trailer, however, he’s seen wearing a pirate’s outfit. Is this a different Gulliver? Has his ship gone rogue and he’s turned into a pirate? We’re not entirely sure, but it’s insinuated that players will get a new reward for helping him.

The other new encounter shown off in the New Horizons trailer is Pascal the otter! After collecting a scallop, Pascal appears to do a trade. It looks like he’ll offer DIY recipes in return for giving him your scallop! As a player who is always looking for new ways to decorate their island, I’m definitely excited about this encounter!

Animal Crossing New Horizons character standing behind fish tank
Players will be able to enjoy new deep-sea creatures in their island’s museum!
Image from author

3. New Furniture

Perhaps the feature I’m most excited about- mermaid furniture! In the New Horizons trailer, it appears that Pascal will be able to give players mermaid-themed furniture. I absolutely adore New Horizons, and I love mermaids, so this is a match made in Animal Crossing heaven for me.

There appears to be an entire room’s worth of furniture- wallpaper, lamps, dressers, vanities and more! It will be interesting to see if these DIY recipes are a Pascal-exclusive item, or if players will be able to get them from balloons, letters, and other islanders.

Regardless, players will be able to enjoy a host of new features on July 3rd. And this is just the first wave! Nintendo has also confirmed that they’ll be releasing wave two of these updates in August.

What are you most excited for in this New Horizons update? Are you an avid New Horizons player, or do you just play when new updates are released? Let us know in the comments!