Manchester International Festival is an art festival that serves as an “incubator for new, cutting-edge art.” The festival has launched online in Fortnite Creative.

 Modern art exhibit within Fortnite.
Bedroom Raver modern art exhibit within Fortnite.
Image Credit: Author

The Manchester International Festival (MIF) is a festival that features a variety of art. The festival was going to move to a new Manchester venue called “The Factory” in 2021. However, because of recent events, the art festival has moved online. The MIF just launched a “Virtual Factory” modern art venue within Fortnite Creative. Fortnite Creative is a game mode in the base game Fortnite. Fortnite Creative allows players to build structures without restriction.

The first art installation in the Virtual Factory is from LaTurbo Avedon, a virtual artist. LaTurbo Avedon titled the installation “Your Progress Will Be Saved.” Your Progress Will Be Saved explores communication themes in an isolated world and social interaction through the internet. It also deconstructs much of what “art” is in the modern era.

In Your Progress Will Be Saved, you begin in a dim apartment. As you move around, you find that your goal is to discover “memories.” You must do so through various levels of simulation. On your way, you must explore Avedon’s beautiful world.

Screenshot of a modern art exhibit in Fortnite.
Screenshot from Your Progress Will Be Saved, a modern art exhibit in Fortnite.
Image Credit: Author

The installation is notable for many reasons. It embodies the many aspects of life that are moving online. With companies like Microsoft moving entirely online, musicians giving online concerts, and students having online graduations. Your Progress Will Be Saved explores a lot of the ideas that come with such a societal shift.

However, Your Progress Will Be Saved is also notable because of the art. The modern art within the installation cannot exist outside of Fortnite. There are visual designs that are impossible in the actual world. Not only does Fortnite Creative allow for these designs, but it does so without cost.

Your Progress Will Be Saved is available in many forms. You can play through the installation within Fortnite or play through it on your web browser. LaTurbo Avedon also does a video walkthrough where they explain much of their art. All options are available on the Virtual Factory website.

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