No Man’s Sky is on Steam and has been out since 2016, but it’s been going strong ever since for its rabid fans of the space genre game. Let me tell you a little about it and why you should play.

Frigates out in space, finding an S class can take some time, but it’s well worth the wait.

No Man’s Sky is brilliant and full of so many worlds that you can explore; it’s an endless variety of content that will take you hours to get through. I mean hell, to get a frigate will take you three hours of playing No Man’s Sky so one appears that’s worth buying if you want to get an S class ship. Loading and reloading to get an S class will take you even more time and let me tell you; it’s worth it.

Finding the best freighters in No Man’s Sky takes a bit of time.

Rule of thumb. Don’t take the first ships or frigates that No Man’s Sky throws at you. Always load and reload, or wait for that S class to come along. You will thank me for this advice as it will make the game that much more engaging and that much more fun.

The worlds in No Man’s Sky are beautiful and desolate at the same time while offering plenty of fodder for your mining and crafting needs. The excitement in the form of sentinels, or other local wildlife that will find you wanting more. There are artifacts to find, language stones to learn from, ancient ruins to explore, it’s all up to you, and what you can find.

No Man’s Sky has worlds that range from lush to desolate.

For No Man’s Sky and ships, you’re talking so many ships here; it’s like being a kid in a candy shop. You’ve got explorers, shuttles, haulers, fighters, you name it, and with a frigate, you can store them all with no issue. Upgrade your ship, your multi-tool, and backpack, when you can as No Man’s Sky, takes no prisoners with exploring and the tools that you need to survive.

Coming across sentinels can be a hit or a miss on whether they’re aggressive against you. Having an updated backpack with personal force fields and a multi-tool that either does more damage per beam or having a bolter or other weapon is very handy in those situations. I’ve even come across planets that were so hostile that mining brought sentinels running.

Crafting is a gigantic thing in No Man’s Sky. Everything you do focuses on this. Your multi-tool is your best friend, as is your scanner in getting everything that you need to process from equipment, fixing a found ship, to having materials on hand to power up your tools and life support systems.

No Man’s Sky has a base-building system that is incredible, and some people have come out on top with creativity. I include some of the most insane base building in the video below. Check it out!

Base building can get a little crazy in No Man’s Sky.

The greatest thing about No Man’s Sky is you can have friends join in your journey across the stars, exploring and gaining new skills. Check out the game and see what appeals to you about it, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.