There’s no denying that every gamer needs a chair. But what kind should you get? Here’s everything you need to know about the gaming vs. office chair debate.

An office chair on the left and gaming chair on the right.
What’s better? A Gaming chair or Office chair? Find out below!

If you look online, it seems like every popular gamer, from Pewdiepie to Ninja, has a gaming chair. However, there is some debate surrounding gaming chairs. Do you need one? Is it worth the money? In this article, I will answer these questions and more.

However, before we compare the two, we must understand what a “gaming” or “office” chair is. For this article, “gaming chairs” are any chair using the racing style, modeled after those in luxury sports cars with bucket seats and very high backs. “Office chairs” will include any traditionally styled chair, usually with lower backs and flatter seats. Most office chairs in this article will be in a modern ergonomic style.

Comfort: Office vs. Gaming Chairs

One of the most important aspects of a new chair is comfort. Be sure to check the height and weight recommendations before buying a chair. Being the correct size is often one of the most critical factors in comfort. Overall, there is no clear winner in comfort alone, but there are subcategories of comfort that do have a clear winner.


Winner: Gaming Chairs

Plenty of office chairs offer adjustments for optimum comfort. However, gaming chairs offer much more adjustability than office chairs in similar price ranges. Office chairs are often capable of only a few adjustments, like the angle of the backing and the height. Gaming chairs, however, often have adjustable armrests, recline, and base tilt. Overall, gaming chairs will usually come out on top in terms of adjustability.

A purple gaming chair at a desk.
Gaming chairs can lean back to a 180-degree angle, unlike most office chairs.
Photo by Marco Verch on Flickr


Winner: Office Chairs

With materials, office chairs are the winner by far against gaming chairs. Gaming chairs often use much less breathable fabric, such as leather. Most office chairs, however, use a breathable mesh. Also, gaming chairs generally have less cushion. More cushions make office chairs more comfortable to sit in for long periods.

Mesh from office chair and leather from gaming chair.
Check out the difference in material from an Office chair (left) to Gaming chair (right)!


Winner: Gaming Chairs

Lumbar and head support are some of the most significant upsides to gaming chairs compared to office chairs. Nearly every gaming chair comes with a pillow for lumbar support. Also, the racing-style design of gaming chairs gives them better head support. Many office chair backs are not high enough to offer head support. The build of gaming chairs will almost always support the posture of users better than an office chair.

A plain black office chair.
A gaming chair offers more lumbar and head support than the average office chair.
Photo by hans middendorp from Pexels

Appearance: Office vs. Gaming Chairs

Winner: Gaming Chairs

Gaming chairs undoubtedly have a much neater appearance than office chairs. The sleek appearance and cool, vibrant colors are some of the best selling points for gaming chairs. Office chairs, however, are almost always plain black. The racing-style design of gaming chairs only puts them further on top for appearance.

A side-by-side comparison of an office and gaming chair.
Which design do you like more? The Office or Game chair?

Price: Office vs. Gaming Chairs

Winner: Office Chairs

This category isn’t as cut-and-dry as the others because pricing largely depends on the individual chair. Office chairs usually have a lower overall price for the same quality. Gaming chairs often have more bells-and-whistles. Office chairs, in contrast, focus almost entirely on effectiveness. The emphasis on appearance often makes gaming chairs more expensive than office chairs in most scenarios.

Overall: Office vs. Gaming Chairs

When you consider all the aspects above, there is no clear winner. Each type is better in some areas and worse in others. If the design is crucial to you, you will probably want a gaming chair. If you’re on a budget, however, an office chair will probably be the best choice.

It depends on your individual preferences. If you still need help on a specific chair, click here for recommendations. Otherwise, I hope this article has given you the information to make your own decision. Which type would you choose? Stay tuned for more gaming news and information.