Pride month is a time for celebrating those in the LGBTQIA+ community. COVID-19 has changed how we celebrate this year. The Sims 4 team is throwing a virtual Pride event so we can still social-distance and celebrate!

My Sim-self isn't ready for virtual Pride yet - but she will be!
My Sim-self isn’t ready for virtual Pride yet – but she will be!
Graphic by Marina DelGreco

Every year, June is typically full of Pride events and celebrations. Pride parades usually happen in warmer months, but this year saw a massive shift in how we celebrate Pride. Between COVID-19 and the ongoing peaceful protests for Black Lives Matter, we had to change how we celebrate LGBT identities.

With all of this in mind, the Sims 4 team is hosting a virtual Pride event instead of anything in-person! I am so excited to be part of this celebration. I love attending Pride events, but sometimes find them to be overwhelming. This is a fun and creative alternative!

The event started on June 15, but we have until June 29 to create and outfit our Sims for Pride 2020. We can’t have Pride parades in person this year, so we have to dress our Sims up for virtual Pride! We can dress them however we want, but most of the time Pride parades are full of vibrant colors. Just be sure to check out the guidelines of the contest.

To make sure your Sim gets noticed, upload it to the Gallery with the hashtag #SimsPride2020. Once you’ve uploaded it there, show off your Sim on social media with the same hashtag! There’s no guarantee they will pick your Sim, or Sims, but this event is still super fun and creative!

Replicate this Pride outfit in the Sims 4!
Replicate this Pride outfit in the Sims 4!
Photo by RonĂª Ferreira from Pexels

Once you’ve uploaded your masterpiece Sim for The Sims Pride Celebration Event, stay tuned! On June 30, Mollie, the EnglishSimmer on YouTube, is taking over The Sims official Twitch channel to Livestream going through the incredible virtual Pride Sim submissions. The Sims team will feature the selected Sims in a group photo taken during the virtual Pride event!

During these tough times, it’s important to remember the reason we have Pride. The original Pride was a riot at the Stonewall Inn – it paved the way for the rights LGBT people have today. But even these rights are not all-inclusive, not to mention how our Black siblings are still at risk every day.

The Sims team is doing their best to help us celebrate the joy of Pride, but also remember the realities we face today too. So make your Pride Sim and submit it! But also honor the sacrifices at Stonewall and the fight for equality still happening today.

“As long as my people don’t have their rights across America, there’s no reason for celebration.”

Marsha P. Johnson