Today’s Streamer Saturday is brought to you by Canadian accents and being too polite all the time. Here is my interview with the wonderful TheSorrySimmer!

Picture of the Sorry Simmer
TheSorrySimmer loves to create new Sims 4 challenges!

Socializing with strangers can be scary, especially for people who struggle with anxiety. TheSorrySimmer has taken the fear she used to feel and channeled it into building a wonderful Sims community for herself. Read all about her experience below!

Challenges of Streaming

What sort of challenges do you face as a streamer?

“It can be difficult sometimes to put yourself out there and not know how well a stream will do.  There is always that moment of panic before a stream where I can often have a bit of “imposter syndrome” and just worry that no one will show up.  Streaming was always something that I wanted to do, but as an introvert, and someone who suffers from social anxiety often, it has always been a very scary thing as well.  It is a huge step for me to open up to so many people.”

What’s most rewarding about being a streamer?

“Being able to meet so many amazing and like-minded people.  I am quite an introverted person, as I previously mentioned, and I often find it difficult to open up to new people and make new friends.  The Twitch community has been so welcoming and I have made so many friends who I now cannot imagine not being in my life.  It’s an amazing feeling when you’re on stream and you just feel like you are hangin’ out with a group of great friends!”

Have you had to deal with any copyright issues on your streams?

“Thankfully, I have not had that issue, and I hope to continue that in the future.”

Do you prefer streaming on Twitch or YouTube?

“I would definitely say I prefer to stream on Twitch.  There seems to be better tools for managing abusive individuals or uncomfortable situations.  It is also really fun to play around with different extensions and features on Twitch to interact with your audience (Sound alerts, channel points etc).  Creating emotes and also being able to use other’s custom emotes is also so much fun!  I do have to admit, however, that I’ve only recently started streaming on YouTube as well, so I definitely do not know all the features that are available to me and am still learning every day.  The one thing I am enjoying about YouTube, is that I am able to reach a wider audience I find, and be able to chat with people who maybe don’t have Twitch.”

More About TheSorrySimmer

What’s the inspiration for your name, “The Sorry Simmer”?

“I am a Canadian gal who is your stereotypical Canadian who goes around apologizing about everything.  For example, I often find myself apologizing when another person bumps into me, even though I did nothing wrong.  Also, with my Canadian accent, I find that I say the word “sorry” a little differently than other English speakers around the world, and introducing myself would allow me to stand out as a Canadian.”

What is the hardest thing about being a Sims streamer?

“I’m sure it’s like this with other games as well, but I find my chats are very active and we get chatting about a lot of different things (definitely not complaining about that, my community is freakin’ amazing) and I have a hard time sometimes getting anything done in the game (or that’s how it feels).  This is true for both building and gameplay for me.”

Do you prefer building, creating sims, or playing in live mode?

“It really depends on the day and how I am feeling, but I would have to say in general, I enjoy gameplay in live mode the best.  I create original and new challenge LP’s on both Twitch and YouTube (Currently “The 7 Partner Challenge” on Twitch and “The Busted to Adjusted Challenge” on YT) so I love introducing Simmers to a new way to play the game or a new challenge for them to pursue in the game to hopefully help to spice up their gameplay.”

Where to Find TheSorrySimmer

What does your streaming schedule look like?

“Unfortunately, with working full time in shift work, my personal schedule changes every single week so I am not able to have a set schedule.  I am very active on Twitter and Instagram, and I always give a lot of time in advance when I know my streaming schedule for the week so that people can be aware of when I’ll be streaming (not ideal I know, but unfortunately it is all I am able to do at the moment).”

Social Media Handles:

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Once again, I want to thank TheSorrySimmer for taking time to sit down and chat with me. I’ve been following her for a hot minute, and if you haven’t subscribed/ followed her, you’re missing out! Next Saturday we’ll have another exciting interview! So stay tuned until then, and in the meantime check us out @game_aroono and tweet us with any questions, comments, concerns, or fun memes!