Streaming on Twitch has become immensely popular, especially among the gaming community. I got to sit down with Twitch streamer Cody Shadle to understand more about what it takes to stream.

Picture of YaBoyyPot
YaBoyyPot’s streams are always a fun time!

I got to interview Cody Shadle, better known as YaBoyyPot, to learn more about his streaming experience on Twitch. We got to discuss a lot of interesting information, so take a look!

Challenges of Streaming

What sort of challenges do you face as a new streamer?

“One of the biggest challenges, in my opinion, is getting your viewership. With so many other great people streaming, you just have to have that spark that makes people want to stay in your stream to watch and chat with you. There are also small challenges that a lot of new streamers face. Like when I first started streaming, just getting into the groove of not just blankly staring at my screen, and try to be more interactive with the chat and people who are just lurking. But one big challenge that many face, I believe, is just being yourself. That’s big because, like I said before, so many great people stream and … being yourself definitely separates you from many so don’t be shy and just be you.”

What’s most rewarding about being a streamer?

“What’s rewarding for me is being able to entertain myself and others, especially right now in such bad times. I also enjoy the company I get from streaming and connecting with others on the same game we both like. The friendships you create are priceless.”

A graphic that says "YaBoyyPot" is Offline.
A neat graphic YaBoyyPot displays when his channel is offline.

More About YaBoyyPot

What’s the inspiration for your Twitch handle?

“I’ve gone by a few different names, but they always end up being something with “Pot” in it. But the reasoning behind the name “Pot” is in middle school, I wore a pot on my head to school for ‘Wacky Tacky Day’ and [they] called me ‘Pothead’ or ‘The Pot Man.’ That stuck throughout high school – by 10th grade I introduced myself as Pot to everyone, including teachers!”

What’s your favorite game? Why?

“I can go on forever about what my favorite game is, but I’ll have the typical answer of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The game was revolutionary to the gaming community and helped … many teams/orgs … and they still thrive today. If it wasn’t for that game I don’t know where the community would be.”

Graphic that says "Yo It's YaBoyyPot"
Another neat graphic from YaBoyyPot’s Twitch channel!

Where to Find YaBoyyPot

What does your streaming schedule look like?

“At the moment it’s kinda all over the place with my job not having us work. But when work does begin, I’ll be streaming more in the late evenings/early nights.”

Social Media Handles

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Once again, I want to give special thanks to YaBoyyPot for taking the time to interview with me! Go check out his streams, where he mainly plays Vigor and Fortnite. Next Saturday we’ll have another exciting interview! So stay tuned until then, and in the meantime check us out @game_aroono and tweet us with any questions, comments, concerns, or fun memes!