Ezio Auditore Da Firenze arguably had one of the saddest, but most important stories in gaming history. Here are my picks for the greatest moments in the game.

Screenshot from Assassin's Creed 2, Ezio looking at the canal that runs through Venice.
Ezio looking over the beautiful scenery of Venice
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To start, this is the only game in Assassin’s Creed’s chain that has a continuous narrative. Ezio’s story continued for two more games as he searched for closure.

Greatest Ezio Moment: Character Development

Ubisoft tells us the story of Ezio, a young assassin that must avenge his family. For me, one of the greatest moments in gaming history is seeing Ezio’s character and relationships develop. Instead of the traditional “lone wolf” assassin character, Ezio’s storyline is a rich narrative full of realistic relationships, emotions, and loss. AC 2 captures Ezio battling a lot of anger and grief over the loss of his father and brother.

One huge relationship in the Ezio storyline is with Leonardo da Vinci. He was a devoted family friend, and once Ezio’s father and brothers died, Leonardo helped Ezio in any way he could. One of the greatest moments in their relationship was Ezio bringing him the codex pages. Leonardo analyzed the parts, so without his help, Ezio couldn’t have done much.

Ezio’s sister, Claudia, never left his side either. You see their relationship develop in AC Brotherhood. In other games, you watch her make their family’s Villa thrive. One of the greatest moments with Claudia in AC 2 was when she let Ezio beat up a suitor in Florence.

Another one of the greatest moments in this storyline is when Ezio meets his father for the last time. He finds his armor and gains the hidden blade. This weapon makes assassinations easy and is an important part of his character development.

Collecting Petruccio’s feathers is another one of the greatest moments in this storyline. Although the situation is very sad, finding the 100 feathers is a grand achievement. Ezio’s mother took the loss of her little boy strongly, so this slight detail made a tremendous impact on players.

Arguably one of the greatest moments in gaming history is the opening scene with Ezio’s brother, Federico. The dynamic changes for Ezio in a matter of hours.

It is a grand life we lead, brother

The best. May it never change.

One of Federico’s last interactions with Ezio
Assassin’s Creed 2

We meet another character in Venice; Rosa. You watch their relationship grow closer and closer as they continue to learn about one another. Their flirtatious banter is clear too, and adds more depth to Ezio’s character development. Rosa helped Ezio a lot in his quest for revenge. One of the greatest moments with her is when she shows Ezio how to scale double the space he normally could, in a single jump.

Ezio climbing a building in Assassin's Creed II
Assassin’s Creed 2 had a variety of great moments in Ezio’s storyline.
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Greatest Ezio Moment: Exploration

One of the greatest moments for me is when Ezio synchronizes all of the important areas in these cities. Between the green countryside in Tuscany to the bustling city of Florence, there is much to observe and explore! Exploring the tombs is one of my favorite parts of the game. By completing all the tombs and collecting seals, players get a chance to unlock AltaΓ―r’s armor. Gamers are in for an incredible end-of-game battle with this armor.

Exploring Santa Maria Del Fiore’s tomb in Florence sticks out the most to me. Something about climbing higher and higher in this massive structure stuck with me. From the carvings to the stained glass, it’s all stunning. I highly recommend you play through the Ezio storyline just to experience this.

Players can also fix up Ezio’s family Villa in Monteriggioni. This adds a feature that personalizes each player’s game as they progress. One of the greatest moments in my playthrough was walking down the streets in the Villa to see it completely re-decorated with shops.

Honestly, I didn’t expect Assassin’s Creed to continue with the Ezio storyline as long as they did. But I appreciated not leaving Ezio so soon. I think the greatest moment in this storyline is putting in the next game and continuing the story. There’s a lot more to see with his character.

I hope I encouraged you to see how wonderful AC 2 is! Now, I want you to see them for yourself too. Comment some of the greatest moments you think I missed! Merry Gaming!