Could The Last Of Us Part II be the best game ever made? Everyone has high expectations for this game, so let’s take a deeper look into The Last of Us Part II!

Ellie from The Last of Us video game franchise will blood splatter on her face. Bold white font to the left of the image reads "The Last of Us Part II"
Ellie is a fictional character of the video game The Last of Us and the protagonist of its sequel, The Last of Us Part II
Image from MAT on MobyGames

Naughty Dog pushes the boundaries of how great a video game can look with The Last of Us Part II. The details of the environment and the authenticity of the world in the game is outstanding. Simply put, this game is gorgeous. You will face different terrains- from snowy mountains to green fields. Every little detail in this game will leave you speechless.

Before you get into the game, read our review to know what to expect. I will try not to reveal any spoilers (promise!)

The Last of Us Part II (No Spoilers)

The Last of Us Part II is great in so many ways. It’s very similar to the original Last of Us, but with better everything. The battles are so intense and violent that it makes you shake. The sound and details are spectacular, and the game runs flawlessly. For me, this is probably the best-looking game Naughty Dog has made. If you enjoyed the first part of the game, you will definitely enjoy The Last of Us Part II more.

The story circles back to the zombie genre, with the game serving as an allegory of humans being more terrible than the terror they face (even in a post-apocalyptic world). Humans make their own choices while zombies can’t, comparing the viciousness of the zombies with that of the inhuman actions of the humans. Add in some violence and combat, and you’ve got yourself a dark storyline that’s sure to pull at your heartstrings. The murders are brutal and you will feel very tense in some scenes (but that’s part of the reason the game is so good).

The Last of Us Part II separates these hardcore scenes with some lighter moments, but they are so few that you’ll want to take breaks from playing the game to chill out from how tense things get.

The Last Of Us Part II in game Combat between ellie and another character
The Last of Us Part II combat.
Image from Naughty Dog

While we talk about combat, it’s important to mention that it functions similarly to the original. You will count every bullet you use, and each gunshot feels vivid and intense. You’ll feel the weight of each shot, only adding to the intensity of this already dark game. The only difference is that The Last of Us Part II has a less linear storyline than the original.

The combat takes place in big and interesting areas, such as foggy forests and abandoned parking garages. The scenery is so immersive you’ll feel like you’re there in real life. The characters have more weight to them than the previous game, making the combat and the movements feel significantly better.

The Sound Effects of The Last of Us Part II Are Superb

The outstanding soundtrack by Gustavo Santaolalla (Academy Award-winning composer) is perfect for the whole ambiance of the game. The sound effects of the game are impressive and playing The Last of Us Part II with quality headphones will be an unforgettable experience for you. The distinct sound that plays when you get detected by an enemy is especially terrifying. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Pros and Cons of The Last of Us Part II



  • The story is intense, and it’s a great sequel to the original.
  • The combat was brutal and satisfying. The development team knew what they were doing when it came to combat.
  • The story is emotionally engaging and doesn’t shy away from difficult subjects
  • The pacing seemed to be an issue with certain parts of the campaign
  • Some villains felt underdeveloped. There was so much more they could’ve done with certain characters!

Digital Foundry’s first impressions of The Last of Us Part II

Final Thoughts on The Last of Us Part II

The story is fresh and different. Every little detail in The Last of Us Part II improved upon the first game. Reading first impressions and reviews are not enough to judge this masterpiece, though. You need to play this game and experience it yourself.

I can only confirm that The Last of Us Part II is an appropriate farewell to PS4 by Naughty Dog, and I can’t wait to experience this game for PS5 because of its endless possibilities.