Game Aroono has continued to surprise, engage, and inspire readers. Our team of authors is continuing to grow and expand, and I cannot wait to see what they create next! Here are my top 3 must-read articles from Game Aroono last week.

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From Sega’s new releases to Remnant: From the Ashes, our authors had a heavy focus on some of our favorite games and game-makers. As usual, there was a ton of great content from our authors, so it was hard to choose just three. Can we eventually make this a top seven list? Anyway, here are my top 3 articles from Game Aroono that you absolutely must read.

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3 Reasons Not to Buy Sega’s New Game Gear Micro

Our author William breaks hearts with the news that Sega’s new Game Gear Micro isn’t worth wasting your money on. With a small screen, small game collection, and just a small console size altogether, we’re reminded that for some things, size does matter. Read this article to see just how ridiculous the Game Gear Micro actually is!

Game footage from Remnant: From the Ashes

3 Ways to Actually Survive Remnant: From the Ashes

Have you ever played Dark Souls? Or Bloodborne? Do you hate feeling like you’re good at video games? Or do you love getting so mad at a game that you throw the controller at your T.V.? Our lead contributor Karen has the perfect game for you. If you’re determined to play the game, don’t attempt it without reading this article first. She has some stellar tips and tricks to make your Remnant: From the Ashes journey a lot easier!

Game footage from Final Fantasy VIII

4 Hardest Enemies in Final Fantasy VIII

Our authors were tackling some difficult game enemies this week at Game Aroono. One of our newest authors, Jana, got my attention with her article on Final Fantasy VIII enemies. If you’re looking to revisit this game (or play it for the first time), check out this article beforehand. There are some nasty enemies you don’t want to be surprised by!

If these articles sound interesting, why not check out the full Game Aroono catalog, or look at these top three articles from two weeks ago! Our authors cover a wide range of topics, so there’s sure to be something you’ll love. We have even more authors joining us next week, so be sure to stay tuned to Game Aroono for all the latest and greatest in game related content!

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