Another week has flown by at the Game section, and I’ve loved reading all of the incredible content our authors have written. Here are my top 3 picks for this week.

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3 Reasons To Have Multiple Bases In Minecraft

Minecraft is a virtual, do-it-yourself game with endless creativity. This article will focus on three reasons you should have multiple bases in your game and give you new ideas too!

Kaleigh DelGreco

Every article Kaleigh writes about Minecraft makes me want to buy the game that much more. Having multiple bases in your Minecraft save is crucial to in-game success. Find out why by reading Kaleigh’s article!

5 Multiplayer Games That Can “Ruin” Friendships

Multiplayer games should bring people together, yet some tear us apart. Here are 5 Multiplayer game series where people can get a little too mad when playing!

Jana Pivonka

I’ve got quite the competitive streak, and these games have definitely “ruined” some of my friendships. Jana gives great insight into the best, most well-known games that have had an “adverse” effect on friendships. Did your favorite multiplayer game make her list?

Every Detail We Learned from the Xbox Series X Showcase

Xbox’s latest Xbox Series X showcase announced a lot of new information. Here is a breakdown of everything we learned from the livestream.

William Kovaleski

William gives an in-depth look at all the amazing games coming out for the Xbox Series X. Some old favorites are being revamped for re-release, while other titles are getting brand new sequels. Is your favorite game getting an update? How about a sequel? I know I’m over the Moon (Man) for The Outer Worlds: Peril on Gorgon!

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