Microsoft has confirmed the end of production for some versions of the Xbox One. Microsoft has discontinued the Xbox One S All-Digital and the Xbox One X in anticipation of the Xbox Series X.

The discontinued Xbox One S All-Digital Edition.
The discontinued Xbox One S All-Digital Edition.
Image from Xbox

In the last few weeks, there have been many Xbox One shortages. Especially shortages of the Xbox One X and Xbox One S All-Digital. Microsoft has now announced the cause of the shortages: they’ve discontinued those Xbox One variants.

Microsoft released the Xbox One X in November 2015, and it was the most powerful console on the market. It was the only console with six teraflops of computing speed. The Xbox One S All-Digital hit the market in April 2019 when Microsoft released it as a disc-less version of the Xbox One S. Many saw the release as a successful test of disc-less consoles. Now, Microsoft has discontinued both Xbox Ones.

The discontinued Xbox One X.
The discontinued Xbox One X.
Image from Xbox.

The only Xbox One variant officially for sale is the original Xbox One S. There are multiple bundles on the website, including a Jedi: Fallen Order and Gears 5 bundle. The lone console is also available.

The discontinued Xbox One versions may still be for sale by some retailers with leftover stock. Pre-owned consoles are also still available on websites like eBay. However, there are shortages in many areas, and prices will vary depending on the seller.

Microsoft appears to be discontinuing the Xbox One variants to focus on the Xbox Series X. In an email, Microsoft called the move a “natural step” as they “ramp into the future with Xbox Series X.” This is the rumored beginning of the Xbox Series X, where Microsoft is likely reallocating resources to begin production.

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