The COVID-19 pandemic is an on-going threat and yoga can help us in boosting our immune system. Some Yogic poses and breathing techniques can help to make our respiratory system strong and boost our immune system, making it easier to fight infections.

Yoga poses to combat COVID-19
Trikonasana to boost our immune system.
Image From: Pexels by Polina Tankilevitch

Yoga is commonly regarded as a form of exercise and as a breathing practice. Yet, the term yoga means “joining together.” The reality is that yoga involves both mind and body.

Yoga encourages us to embrace a healthy lifestyle. The asanas are poses of the body. Pranayama refers to the use of life energy through breathing to protect our body and boost the immune system.

5 Yoga Poses That Boost Your Immune System

Padahastasana: This is a forward bending pose in yoga. This involves keeping your hands and feet in contact with the floor. You should inhale deeply while bending forward.

Trikonasana: You pose like a triangle for this yoga exercise. Maintain some distance in your legs. Keep both hands facing upwards. Take your right hand towards the leg, while bending to the right side.

Baddha Konasana: Join the soles of both feet. Bend your legs from the knees to meet them. Hold your toes with both hands. Then bend forward to touch your nose to the floor.

Ushtrasana: In this yoga pose, you mimic a camel. Bend backwards to rest your hands on the ankles. This yoga sana improves blood circulation and boosts your immune system.

Mandukasana: This is the frog pose. Sit, folding your legs backwards. Next, press your abdomen with your palms. Now, bend forward to touch the floor with your nose.

5 Yoga Pranayama to Boost Your Immune System

Yoga breathing techniques to fight COVID-19
Yoga breathing to boost the immune system
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Pranayama in yoga uses life energy to nourish our cellular system with rhythmic breathing. The pose and breath direct the energy to targeted systems in your body.

Kapalabhati: This is an intense breathing exercise. Breathe in and out with your stomach.

Bhastrika: This is a cleansing action in yoga. Sit straight in the lotus pose and breathe in. You need to inhale air into the lungs, stretching your diaphragm. Exhale for a shorter duration.

Anulom-Vilom: This is an effective yoga breathing method. Inhale with your right nostril and exhale through the left nostril. You need to use your fingers on your right hand to open and close the nostrils.

Ujjayi: In this yoga breathing technique, you inhale slowly for as long as you can. Hold the deep breath in and then exhale. This also known as ocean breath.

Bhramari: Sit in a lotus pose. For this breathing method, keep your thumbs on your ears and the first finger on your forehead. Keep the remaining three fingers on your closed eyes and inhale.