Restrictions during the lockdown have definitely taken its toll on everyone’s mental health. Do what you can to be well during this time. Gardening is an excellent option that still works!

The COVID-19 pandemic doesn't have to stop gardening for your mental health
Gardening for your mental health is still possible during the lockdown
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Why Gardening Works

Research shows that gardening can be a great way for you to deal with mental health challenges like stress, depression, and anxiety. With this lockdown going on, these are likely to be a few of the mental health issues you’re facing. According to years of findings, placing your focus on gardening may be just what you need to cope with your current circumstances. Let’s look at how you can get those mental health benefits while in isolation.

Tips for Gardening in the Lockdown

Gardening during the COVID-19 pandemic needs creativity
Get creative when gardening during the lockdown
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Use Kitchen Scraps for Gardening

Since you’re in lockdown, kitchen scraps are an excellent source of gardening starting materials. It also means you don’t have to worry about spending money or time on finding seeds. Experiment as you go along. You may end up with a mini herb garden or a nice collection of spices when the lockdown is over.

Either way, research the best gardening containers and growing environments for your plants. For example, some herb plants stay small while other plants can get too large for your kitchen. The wrong plants might overwhelm you and affect your mental health.

Use Your Balcony for Gardening

Do you live in an apartment with a balcony? That gives you some excellent gardening options too. The scraps from your kitchen can still come in handy because you won’t have the same problems with space. Work with the plants that need larger containers as well as certain sunlight requirements. If you’re interested in seedlings that will lead to trees after the lockdown, you can start here as they can take some time before they need to be replanted. Also, getting some fresh air while gardening will work wonders for your mental health.

Gardening is still possible in small spaces
Gardening in a small space
Photo courtesy of Maike and Bjorn Broskamp

Create a Small Garden Outside

If you have a small section in your front or back yard, the lockdown would be a wonderful time to make use of it. We can reserve this for gardening with kitchen scraps that need a little space to run and develop. Make sure you choose plants that are a suitable fit for any environmental limitations. Bonus points for planting ones that suit your style. For example, if you won’t remember to water picky plants, choose hardier ones instead. The idea is to aid your mental health.

With these helpful tips, you can still keep gardening during the COVID-19 lockdown. Taking care of the right plants will work wonders for your mental health.