Afraid of cats, throwing up, or freedom? This part of the dictionary of phobias is for you! This will name your fear and help you better understand what is going on.

Eleutherophobia, Elurophobia and Emetophobia, 3 Common Phobias for E
Eleutherophobia, Elurophobia and Emetophobia, 3 Common Phobias for E.

Phobias are personal because fears can take the shape of any object, subject, or situation. Phobias depend on many internal, psychological aspects. That is why there are phobias more common than others. Also, that explains why some phobias are incomprehensible to others. But phobias and fears are something we all experience in our own way. And phobias are one of the most common mental issues worldwide.

Now, it is time to talk about specific phobias. These letter E phobias are not very well known, but more common than you might think. The thing with these phobias is that they involve the fear of a specific object, subject or situation. Here is an animal phobia, a situational phobia, and an injury phobia, all beginning with the letter E.

Eleutherophobia, A Situational Phobia

Eleutherophobia, A Situational Phobia
Eleutherophobia, A Situational Phobia.

There is something about freedom that unconsciously triggers fear. That is because freedom means also responsibility and independence. Eleutherophobia is a situational phobia, specifically the situation of being exposed to freedom.

Eleutherophobia is an extreme and irrational fear of something clearly desired by most. People with this phobia usually experience high anxiety levels when a situation makes them realize they have freedom. In that way, the person tends to leave decisions and guidelines in other people’s hands. That is why this situational phobia can be the base for developing dependent relationships.

Someone with this specific phobia may also develop other anxiety disorders. Also, most people with eleutherophobia aren’t able to think rationally about their fear. So their first reaction is to avoid any situation that implicates freedom. But as it is impossible to avoid this, when people with this specific phobia face freedom, it is really difficult for them to handle all the strong emotions and symptoms. And they suffer for it.

Elurophobia, An Animal Phobia

Elurophobia, An Animal Phobia
Elurophobia, An Animal Phobia.

Animal phobias are one of the most common specific phobias. But of all the animal phobias, Elurophobia is one of the less common phobias. Mainly because the phobia subject is an animal considered to be domestic. Elurophobia is the irrational and extreme fear of cats. Yes, cats. And this specific phobia is also known as Ailurophobia.

Not only can people with Elurophobia have panic attacks by being in close proximity to cats, but they can experience anxiety just from seeing or thinking about cats. Elurophobia is a combination of intense fear, anxiety, and aversion. That means the person can not have cats around or close to them.

This is a special phobia for me. Because I have Elurophobia. I was really little when I started avoiding cats. Just seeing cats on the TV has had horrible consequences for me. But we discovered it was a phobia when I was nine. I was at a park and a cat came close to me, and just by having the cat like a half-meter away from me, I had a panic attack. Even now, at 24, I still have this phobia. The thing is that now I know how to handle the extreme fear and the phobia’s symptoms.

Emetophobia, An Injury Phobia

Emetophobia, An Injury Phobia
Emetophobia, An Injury Phobia.

Do you get extremely anxious or scared if you have to throw up? Well, that is a specific phobia. This is an injury phobia called Emetophobia. Emetophobia is considered an injury phobia because it involves getting injured from the action of throwing up. Also, this phobia can be related to hypochondria and anxiety disorders that involve fear of sickness. But the main situation or object of fear in this phobia is throwing up.

Emetophobia is one of the most common injury phobias. That could be because it is also a common symptom of many diseases. And to be honest, throwing up is one of the most uncomfortable natural body reactions in the world. So, this phobia can have many reasons behind it. But the phobia is mainly because of the anticipation than the action itself.

As someone with generalized anxiety, I have more than one phobia. So, I also have emetophobia. But my phobia of throwing up is focused on a different part than it usually is. My extreme fear of throwing up comes from an irrational fear of bronchoaspiration. So, the object of my fear is the idea of drowning while throwing up. So as you can see, some phobias may seem based on reasonable thoughts. But when you look up the facts, it turns out to be completely irrational.

One of the most important things to take into account about phobias is that we can not avoid them forever. As I said before, phobias are based on regular and real-life objects and situations. So, sooner or later we all have to face our fears. But dealing with a phobia is not easy and implicates suffering.

So, I really recommend getting to know our phobias and studying them. It doesn’t mean we are going to overcome the phobia. But at least knowledge will allow us to handle the symptoms and understand our reactions. That way we will be able to manage the horrible experience of facing a phobia. Stay tuned because more phobias are coming.