There are several important factors to consider when deciding on a shilajit supplement. Dozens of shilajit products currently flood the market and it can be overwhelming to pick one. Quality varies considerably, though, so it’s important to follow a set of criteria in making your choice. Here are the most important factors to keep in mind when choosing the best shilajit supplement.

How to choose the best shilajit supplement
How to choose the best shilajit supplement
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Shilajit has been used as an energy-booster in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. More recently, research has shown that shilajit offers potential as a memory enhancer and immune booster. Shilajit is available in supplement form. To get the maximum benefit from your shilajit supplement, you need to know what to look for. There are dozens of shilajit products on the market and deciding on one can be a daunting task.

How to Choose the Best Shilajit Supplement

Factor #1: Purity

Shilajit is a compound found on Himalayan rocks. It contains more than 80 different minerals. It is crucial that shilajit be processed first in order to purify it. Raw shilajit may contain harmful impurities and should be avoided. At the same time, any additives used during processing should not minimize the intensity and effectiveness of the shilajit.

The video below explains the extraction process.

Raw shilajit must be purified before it is safe to consume.
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The most reputable manufacturers will extract and blend the shilajit according to Ayurvedic tradition. The purification process is designed mostly to remove unwanted contaminants from the shilajit, but it will also enhance the effectiveness of the shilajit. Again, you should always look for a purified shilajit product. Most of them are, but check the product’s label to be sure.

Factor #2: Dose

As with all supplements, individual responses will vary and it may take some experimentation to find the right dose for your needs. Most studies on shilajit have used a dose of between 300 and 500 mg. Although shilajit is considered very safe, experts recommend starting with 100 mg of shilajit per day. You can then gradually increase the dose, dividing it into two or three servings spread throughout the day. Look for a concentrated shilajit supplement that provides this strength in a convenient form, without the need for large amounts of pills or capsules. A powder may be more suitable for this purpose.

While many manufacturers claim that their supplement provides a higher dose and, therefore, superior results, there is no evidence that more is better. It’s more important that you take your shilajit supplement consistently, allowing it to build up in your system.

Factor #3: Customer Satisfaction

Look for a shilajit supplement with positive feedback from actual customers.
Look for a shilajit supplement with positive feedback from actual customers.
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It is also important to consider feedback from those who have used specific shilajit Supplements. Read customer reviews of shilajit supplements before making a decision and listen to what others have experienced in terms of benefits and adverse effects. This will give you confidence that the formulation is solid and may answer any questions you have regarding expected results.

Factor #4: Price

This is the most important factor for many people. Keep in mind, however, that sourcing the raw materials, processing the shilajit, packaging, and advertising will all drive up the cost of your shilajit supplement. Be suspicious of any shilajit supplement that is priced considerably lower than its competitors. As with most supplements, you get what you pay for. A patented form of shilajit, such as PrimaVie or Purblack, will be more expensive but has likely undergone more rigorous testing.

The Bottom Line

Shilajit is an exciting compound. As research continues to demonstrate a range of health benefits, more companies are producing shilajit supplements and that can make it hard to decide which one to take. While your situation may be unique, the factors discussed above should serve as a helpful guide in choosing the best shilajit supplement for your needs.