Do you get the morning blues and just can’t stay awake in those first few hours of work? Here are a few tips to help you get awake and stay awake during the day.
It's difficult to stay awake sometimes, but there are ways to combat this.
It’s difficult to stay awake sometimes.
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We all have those days, or it’s every day for some of us, where you just can’t stay awake in those first few hours of work. Some of us also start dragging right after lunch and need a nap, and unfortunately, we can’t take a nap at work so that’s not an option.

Tips For Staying Awake

1. Walk

Taking a walk can often give us energy to stay awake for a while.
Taking a walk can often give us energy.
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When you’re sitting there falling asleep at your desk sometimes what we really need is an activity that doesn’t require us to be sedentary. Take a break, get up, and walk around the office or get some fresh air for a few minutes. I’m sure your boss will forgive you for a brief break to clear your mind and stay awake for a more productive day.

2. Drink caffeine.

Now, this is obviously a tried-and-true method. Though some of us drink a little too much caffeine, and sometimes too late in the day which messes with our sleep cycle at night. Usually drinking a cup or two of coffee in the morning before work, or during the morning hours will help perk you up and stay awake.

3. Energizing scents.

Using scents that won’t bother your co-workers is always a concern however most scents that are safe are things like citrus which is an energizing scent that will tell your brain that it’s time to be awake.

4. Drink water.

Drinking water can help you feel better and be more awake and alert through the day.
Drinking water can help you feel better and be more awake.
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I’ve talked about the benefits of drinking water before, but I can’t say it enough that this is important for keeping you functioning on a day-to-day basis to keep your body and mind functioning on all levels.

5. Make your space well lit.

It’s better if you have natural sunlight coming into your office or workspace, that gives your body a natural boost of energy and tells it to be awake. If that’s not an option, getting a lamp that mimics natural light will help.

6. Sleep hygiene.

The night before, make sure you’re practicing good sleep hygiene. Turn phones, tablets and computers off, and if you have to look at them, turn the blue light filter on or if your device can do it, go gray scale at a certain time. This helps with the bright light in your eyes that tells the brain that you should be awake and alert despite it being time to wind down.

7. Keep a set bedtime.

I know this is hard. I’m a night owl and I go to bed around midnight to 1 AM most days, no matter when I have be awake the next day. Keeping a routine is important to good sleep hygiene, and it’s easier said than done when you’re not tired, but an excellent practice to keep waking up refreshed.

Waking up refreshed after a good night sleep helps you stay awake through most of the day.
Waking up refreshed after an enjoyable night’s sleep helps you stay awake through most of the day.
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These tips will help you in staying awake during the day while at work, or just any day. Evaluate your habits and see where you’re able to control them to make for better habits, staying awake longer, and better days.