Working from home is often assumed to be a preferred alternative to being stuck in an office. However, if you don’t handle it properly, you may invite mental burnout. Be proactive with these simple tips.

Burnout can be an issue whether you're working from home or at the office
Burnout can be an issue whether you’re working from home or at the office
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Work From Home? These Are the Symptoms of Burnout

Whether you’re in the office or working from home, the symptoms of burnout are the same. This includes feelings of exhaustion, a lack of energy, and problems focusing on your work. Now that you’re working from home, you might not have to deal with a long commute, but you may still suffer burnout.

Even at home, you will have certain productivity demands and a Zoom meeting is still a meeting! If you’re homeschooling while working from home, that just adds to your daily demands. It’s important to focus on preventing burnout at home, just as you would at work.

Stop burnout in its tracks
Stop burnout in its tracks
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3 Tips for Preventing Burnout at Home

Be Less Rigid

You’re still working so you need a schedule. Don’t plan out every second of your day, though. Plan your work day around events that can’t be changed, such as personal appointments or your child’s schooling. It’s also good to add some breaks into your schedule. Since you’re working from home, it might feel strange to have breaks, but they help to prevent burnout.

Draw the Line

When working from home, the line between work and home becomes blurred. It may be hard for your family members to behave as though you’re working unless you set some ground rules. Let them know what your work-from-home schedule will be like. Otherwise, they will be interrupting you throughout the day and you won’t get much done. If you keep switching from one task to the other without completing anything, burnout will set in.

Make sure you don’t set your expectations too high either. You shouldn’t think that you’ll suddenly be able to catch up on all your housework just because you’re at home. Do what you can.

Prevent burnout by making time for self-care
Prevent burnout by making time for self-care
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Take Self-Care Breaks

This one can be tricky for two reasons. One, you likely didn’t practice self-care at work. Two, how do you practice self-care when you’re in lockdown?

How about exploring online hobbies or virtual tours? Maybe lighting a few scented candles or incense sticks in your bathroom can give you some well-needed relaxation. Taking care of yourself is a key part of preventing burnout when working from home.

More people are working from home these days. In fact, some companies will continue to have a work-from-home policy even when the lockdown ends. If you’re working remotely, make sure you take steps to prevent burnout.